Following my previous post, I'm going to talk about my second stop in Kemang which is Authentique French Bakery. It was located quite secluded and there's no huge sign board of its name in front of the store, so I had a hard time to find the place. It was rather a small place and surprisingly lots people were coming in. Some bought breads and went home afterward, some bought cake and drinks and enjoyed their time there. The place was small and cute, I would say.

I was greeted by two foreigners. The first one was the French male and the other female, which I'm not sure whether she's Indonesian or French or maybe other. So we had to conversed in English to ordered things and asked things. I asked him what's the most favourite one and the best-seller. He recommended me to try the CanelĂ© for sure and I asked for one more recommendation then he recommended me the cake. I ended up choosing Raspberry Coconut Cake. One slice of cake was quite huge already so I'm not sure whether I'll be able to finish it all.

I sat in the high chair facing the window outside. I've always liked high chair. People kept coming in, hustling what to buy, what to eat, and what to choose. All of the breads looked so nice and tempting. However, since I was so full, I only bought two cakes and one cup of hot tea which was a big mistake because the weather was pretty hot and the place itself doesn't have air condition, only fan. I should have bought a cold beverage.


First of all, the CanelĂ© was delicious. I can totally able to feel the caramelised outer layer and the egg custard on the inside so moist. Even though the outer most layer, some of its part were a bit burnt but it was still a good dessert. The sweetness was perfect and I can figure out why it's the best-seller dessert.


As for the Raspberry Coconut Cake, I was wondering how would it taste like to combine raspberry and coconut. I took the first bite and the cake was airy and so moist. The taste of the raspberry was bit overpowering the coconut but I still able to taste the coconut even though it's pretty subtle. However, it's a good combination in the end. Loving the cake.

When I was asking the bill, the French Guy talked to me again. He said "Hey, now you're cool that you have this." He gave me the business card of the place. Then he was stuttering again, "I mean, not that you're not cool already, I mean you're cooler now since you have that." I was literally laughing at his expression. He was stuttering as he gave me the business card. That was cute. Great service, very friendly, great food. I can sense the homemade feeling the cakes delivered when it reached my mouth. However, they really need a bigger place and maybe an air conditioner would be good.