I've always wanted to go to Kemang because there are lots of good restaurants however it's really far from my house and I cannot stand the traffic jam of course. I only went to Kemang once, even only passed it by not exactly went there. Finally, I braced myself to actually go there to try several dining places. Indeed, it's a really long way to go and very tiring. Not to forget the traffic jam, well it's not that bad, it's just it's really far and when we reached Kemang, the traffic jam gotten worse.

My first destination will be Common People Eatery & Bars, I'm using my phone's GPS but there was some technical accident, instead of really going to Common People Eatery & Bars, I got lost. I went much further away, when I found the correct way to go there, turned out it's really close to where I have my exit from the highway. The board sign's font was unclear and quite small.

As I entered the place, it's quite nice. Not that buzzy even though it's a bit crowded, still cozy nevertheless. The service was quite friendly, but they can do better, I know. They gave me the menu book and it's so cute, very rusty and unique.

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I got confused of what I'm going to order. There are lots of good food, seemed so. Then I ended up choosing Mac n' Cheese and my sister ordered the People's Burger. As for the drink, I'm choosing the classic, Ice Tea. I love ice tea too much. I had to wait several minutes, around 10-15mins, for my food. I don't mind because I know, mine's being baked and my sister's being grilled. Once both foods arrived on my table, both looked so yummy!

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My Mac n' Cheese looked so orangey and I knew it that there will be lots of cheese as for my sister's burger, the patty looked so good, you know not like the frozen patty, an actual patty burger. I scooped my Mac n' Cheese, put it in my mouth, savory galore. Lots of cheese in it and something savory, salty, crunchy on the top layer and I cannot know what it is. It's really nice. However, it's a bit too oily for my liking. Overall, it's a really good Mac n' Cheese.

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As for my sister's burger, I tried the patty and the mushroom in it. Tasted good. The seasoning, the sauce, and the patty itself along with the mushrooms blend really well. If you only eat the patty without the bun or the chips, it will be too salty. So once you eat all of the components together, followed by the chips that was served together, the flavour will be perfect and well-balanced.

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How I wish Common People Eatery & Bars was located near my place or at least around Senayan or Sudirman. It will be much better. Only if they were located at those locations I've mentioned, I will come back again, especially for their Mac n' Cheese and might try other meals. Unfortunately, it's located in Kemang, I don't think I will come back again to Kemang unless I really have to. So, it's not like I don't want to come back because of the foods or anything, but because of its location.

For those of you who often go to Kemang, should try this. Loving the ambience of the restaurants and the food. My Kemang trip didn't end in Common People Eatery & Bars only, my next destination will be on my next post. Stay tuned!

Common People Eatery & Bars
Plaza Bisnis Kemang I
Jl. Kemang Raya 2
Kemang, Jakarta
Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 10am - midnight
Fri-Sat: 10am - 1:30am
Phone: 021 7181843