My sister told me there's new menu on Kitchenette, waffle and chicken. I was gawking at the idea of waffle combined with chicken. Sweet combined with savoury dish. Isn't it will taste bad? So we tried it right away. My sister ordered Waffle and Chicken, while I ordered Seafood Marinara.

My pasta was really red which I like because it seemed fresh and appetising. My sister's dish was huge. There were two layers of waffle, each in bottom and top while in the middle there's big chicken in it. Also some sort of mousse on top of the waffle, and it's quite spicy. My sister poured the maple syrup on top of the waffle and chicken. She took a bite then I took a bite afterward.

Surprisingly, it tasted really good! Even if the waffle was quite sweet, in addition the maple syrup along with the savoury salty chicken, it balanced pretty well. Should've asked the waffle to be crispier though so it would taste better. I don't really like the mousse thingy on top of it, so I scoop it out and put it aside.

As for my Seafood Marinara, it was good. But I liked the Waffle and Chicken better. It's a new taste on my palette. My friend told me that it is delicious, it's the southern food and it's much better if you have it right in United States.  Now, I'm craving for it right now.



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