I went here a while ago to try out their desserts also since it's relatively new when I visit here and it's quite the "IT" place, claimed by some people in social media. With the pretty interior and good dessert, they said. So, I'm interested to try this new restaurant which located in Lotte Shopping Avenue.

When I got here, I ordered a dessert Carmela (Rp 40.000), it's a caramel and chocolate dessert with a hint of apple passion gel. It looked pretty, but once I tried it, I don't like the taste. I thought it will be superb delicious since it's caramel and chocolate, however, it's not. It's quite acidic and uh just not that pleasant in my mouth.

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As for the beverage, I opted for their Peach and Lychee Twist (Rp 55.000). It's not an amazing drink, rather too pricey for this kind of beverage. I was expecting a refreshing tasty beverage, yet I received mediocre beverage.

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Then the other dessert that I ordered is Marshmallow Sweet Potato Gratin (Rp 40.000). It looked fluffy and delightful. The portion was not as big as I've thought when I looked at the photos in social media but it's not a small portion also, you'll get full once you dig in. For some people, this dish might be too sweet, but for me who really like sweet, it's okay. Maybe just a little bit too sweet. The marshmallow was fluffy and the sweet potato were well cooked. As for the price, it's pretty okay. Not too pricey but not that cheap as well. I might want to share this with my friends if I were to order this dish again, because you might feel sick if you eat this dish all by yourself.

For the other beverage, I ordered Pomelo and Longan Twist (Rp 55.000). Again, I feel it's too pricey. It tasted like Ice Syrup that I usually make at my home. Mediocre.

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Lastly, for the dessert, I ordered Raspberry Cronut (Rp 35.000). The cronut was big and generous topping, so it's not pricey. The cronut was quite decent and quite delicious. Even though, again, it might be too sweet for some people.

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Overall, this restaurant is quite good, in terms of their dessert. I did not try their main course. I ordered three desserts and three beverages also one espresso shot and the total amount I have to pay was around 300k. It was quite too much for me, I had to pay that much but it didn't fill up my tummy. However, the dessert price alone is quite reasonable. I have to admit that this restaurant is overrated though. It's not that awesome but it's not that bad either.

JJ Royal Brasserie
Ciputra World, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Lantai Lower Ground
Jl. Prof Dr Satrio, Karet
Opening Hours:
Sat-Thu: 10am - midnight
Fri: 10am - 2am
Phone: 021 29888980