This post will be different than the previous posts as now I'm going to talk about an American TV Show called Grey's Anatomy. I'm sure most of you would have known Grey's Anatomy. It was considered as one of the best tv show during its early seasons as it had won several awards. I don't really watch American TV Shows, more over really watching it continuously. I watched Ghost Whisperer and Prison Break before but I didn't continue watching it after three seasons. However, I watched all ten seasons of Grey's Anatomy. Amazing. I was amazed at myself too!

I really love this TV show. Even though at first I was quite skeptical about this show since it was about surgery and there are lots of blood and organs. However, I managed to survive watching this through the entire ten seasons. This show is really good! I like the kind of shows which every episode there will be different stories but with the main stories. In Grey's Anatomy, each episode there are new patients with different stories, that's why I like it, just like Ghost Whisperer right. Also, through this TV show, I've managed to learn lots of things about medication and stuff which helps me a lot actually and I know it's going to be useful.

My favorite character in this show will be Cristina Yang. She's genius, witty, sarcasm, loyal, simply put, she's amazing. It was really unfortunate that she's leaving the shows after going through ten seasons. Cristina is Meredith's person! How can she leave. Grey's Anatomy will never be the same without Cristina.



Among all those couples, I think I like Callie and Arizona couple the most. Both of them had their ups and downs but they're just so sweet. Not to forget Mark and Lexie, during season 8, tears streaming down nonstop. They're destined to be together. Ah, Izzie and Denny. Some people might think of them as a crazy couple but they're really sweet especially Denny. Heartbreaking. As for the characters that I don't really like perhaps Bailey? I adore Bailey, she's great but sometimes she thinks she's the best and no one can get in her way, remember when Mark and Jackson did surgery on Bailey's patient and Bailey kept pestering them in the O.R, for me it's really annoying. I don't like Meredith sometimes as well, she can be really selfish though. Also, was it just me or Derek just say 'I love you' to Meredith on Season 5?

I know Grey's Anatomy was at its peak during first few seasons but I just keep coming back for more which until now, season 10 and waiting for season 11 even though it's getting a bit absurd. Loving all the life lessons from Grey's Anatomy, loving all the quotes. Will keep watching it though. Kinda hoping it will never end LOL. I miss the original casts though. They're the best.

If you happen to find a good tv shows to watch, you might opt to Grey's Anatomy. But if you cannot handle blood and gore stuff like that, well, you might skip this tv show.