I'm getting indulge in make up since two years ago but really into it since last year, I think. Since then, eyeliner become one element that I cannot live without. Not being overly dramatic, but eyeliner able to enhance my eyes to become more lively. At first, I always use pencil type eyeliner but it always smudge on me then I change to liquid eyeliner and it never fails me. Reading several reviews, it says gel eyeliner won't smudge easily as well and it's really good for a natural eyeliner looking. I give it a research which gel eyeliner is the best. Considering the price and the quality as well, I conclude to buy Tony Moly Gel Eyeliner in Black colour.

Tony Moly

Gel Eyeliner

Product Name
Backstage Gel Eyeliner


Korean products in my country, Indonesia, can be much more expensive than it is in South Korea. However, many online shops provide original products with lower price than the retail price in the shops for they purchase it directly from South Korea. So, I was looking around to find a trusted online shop which sells this particular gel eyeliner. At last, found it. So I purchased it and the price is around Rp 100.000 ish, I forgot the exact price, it's almost half price of the retail price in the stores and waiting for it to be arrived at my house and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it and try it right away.

This products claim to be: "Super-smooth gel eyeliner gives you a fine or blended line: apply thickly and let set, or smudge quickly for a smoky, shadowy look. Dries to a waterproof finish!". Also, it claims to be smudge-free. Let's see whether it's up to what it claims.

Right to the review of the product, first of all the packaging of the product. What I love the most from this product is they include the brush already! No hustle to buy another eyeliner brush or place it on a separate place. Also there's a separator between the cap and the eyeliner product, to keep it more hygiene and to prevent it from drying. Even though it's a bit bulky because of the brush so it might not be a travel friendly product but still able to manage to carry it in your cosmetic bag.

Speaking of the brush, it's not the greatest or amazing brush but it's decent. It will do for anyone, especially beginner. Not too thick, not too pointy, not too round. It's decent. Easy to apply on your eyelid. By seeing the round tube when I open the separator, the color was truly black and pretty intense, but have to try it first to know whether it's really intense black or not. So far, I'm pretty satisfied with the packaging, brush, and the product itself.

IMG_7572 IMG_7573 IMG_7574 IMG_7575 IMG_7577

Moving on to try the product right away to see its quality. I dip the brush to get the product a little bit, do not want to overdo it. Glide the brush softly to my hand, not really press it down hard, just normal strength. It was pretty black, not as intense as a liquid eyeliner though but well gel eyeliner was supposed to be more natural than liquid, so I understand it. However, it's pretty satisfying. I try to splash water on it wiped it softly, didn't budge at all. Pretty impressive, right? Still, have to see if I apply it on my eyes, will it smudge or not?

IMG_7579 IMG_7580

When I had the occasion to go out so I finally had the chance to actually try this gel eyeliner on my eyes. You can apply it in thin line or thick line. Thankfully I can adapt pretty well with gel eyeliner using such brush for I have accustomed to liquid eyeliner already. It's easy to apply it and it dries up quickly. I've tried several things with this eyeliner. First, I try to make a tight line, draw it on the empty spots between my lashes but not on my upper waterline, it didn't smudge, only smudge a bit after 10 hours or so. Once, I draw it on my waterline, below the tight line, the watery part, uh it smudged on me, blame my oily eyelid as well. So, I never try to draw it on my waterline anymore, only on the tight line, as closest as possible to the waterline.

Overall, I like this product. Will I repurchase this? Yes I will, but I will try other eyeliner product first though. But, for gel eyeliner, I think I will stick to this product. It is recommended. I literally wear this everyday for my daily makeup also even when I'm going out with my friends, sometimes I add liquid eyeliner as well. So, for everyone who wants a natural looking eyeliner, might consider this gel eyeliner and it's easy for beginner to use it as well. Proven by my sister who's a total beginner in applying eyeliner, she likes to apply eyeliner with this gel eyeliner. Yes, I highly recommend this product!

[ This product was purchased by me ]



  1. Wow, it looks amazing. I've never heard of this brand before :)
    I would love it if you would check out my blog & follow if you like it! :)

  2. It's a Korean brand :) you should give it a try sometime :)