Grand Opening MOMO Restaurant & Bar

One morning, I received an invitation e-mail and turned out it's an invitation to the Grand Opening MOMO Restaurant & Bar at Senopati on Thursday, 28th August 2014 on 6:30PM. I received the e-mail from Zomato's representative. I had to make a reservation beforehand though, so I did. I was really excited for it! It will be MC-ed by Indra Herlambang and there will be 4 hosts in the event such as Joe Taslim, Mike Lewis, Wulan Guritno and Marissa Nasution. Four of them are well-known actor and actresses, I was really excited to see Joe Taslim (again, yes I saw him before once). 
So, I went there and I can see it's quite crowded already from the outside of the restaurant. The restaurant was located right next to Three Buns, so it's quite easy to find it. I was welcomed with a huge board sign 'Eat Drink Momo' which was the tagline of the night. The theme for tonight's grand opening was 'East Meets West' and I had quite a hard time finding the right clothes but I managed to find it. I opted for a top with a Koi fish embroidery matched with bandage skirt and black classic heels by Céline. 


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I had to queue for a while before entering the restaurant. We had to register our name at the registration table which was quite small actually. When we already registered ourselves, we will be given a cocktail coupon which we can redeem at the bar. There are four types of cocktail we can choose from. Across the registration table was the photo corner and Indra Herlambang was standing in that corner while introducing the Grand Opening event. I was a bit baffled when I saw the crowds, it was really crowded and turned out we all had to stood up instead of sitting with tables. I thought the grand opening event will be table seating instead of standing up because we had to make reservation beforehand. I was already out of place when I'm reaching the centre of the restaurant. 

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I'm a bit disappointed because there's no one from the restaurant approached me and have a little chit-chat with me, instead we're left alone mingling with the crowds, well probably that's the concept of the event so that we can mingle around with the crowds. They could have approached us and asked how we're doing and share with us about the restaurant or the event for tonight. Finally, I ignore all that, since I know no one there, I'll just try their canapés and cocktails.
I opted to stood near the pantry kitchen, because it's less crowded there, even though later on it's getting more crowded as well. They divided into three sessions, each sessions they will serve an entirely different set of menus. For my sessions, there are three different kind of meals. First one, I assumed it's a vegetable rolls, second is deep fried prawn, I guess, something deep fried for sure and the last but not least is rice with beef, I believe it's their signature dish at the restaurant.
I tried the vegetable rolls first. It's all vegetable and it's seemed pretty raw for me, so I don't really like this one. Still, I can feel the freshness and the crunchy texture which was quite a delight in my mouth also the well-seasoned sauce, however it didn't fit my tastebud pretty well.

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Next one, I tried the deep fried dish. I think it's a prawn, but I quite forgot already so I'm not sure about the filling. It's pretty good, it was served in a clear glass and there's a sauce at the bottom of the glass, it's a little bit spicy. The filling was pretty nice however the batter was a bit too thick.

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Last but not least, my most favourite canapé of the night which is the beef and rice. I do not know the name until this moment, but for sure it's rice served with beef on top inside a clear glass. What I like about this dish, they seasoned the rice as well, so it's not a plain rice. Love the rice, very savoury. As for the beef, it was tender and also well-seasoned. However, the beef did not over-powering the rice, and so does the rice. Both elements complemented each other very well, once both elements inside your mouth, it tasted really good. I had two cups of this that night just because I like it so much.

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Right when I'm done with the canapés, I headed to the bar to get my cocktails. Again, the bar was crowded that I had to wait until I was right at the bar. I had two coupons and I asked the bartender which one was the most favorite and the most delicious one. He recommended 'What Women Want' and 'Grape in Gold'. Once I received both cocktails, I love the look of the cocktails, so elegant and looked delicious already.
First one is Grape in Gold. Indeed, it has a gold tone colour and I feel a hint of champagne, I guess. Well, I'm no expert when it comes to alcohol or cocktail, so I won't elaborate much for the cocktails. I like Grape in Gold, it's really good, I still can taste the sweetness of the drink.

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Second is What Women Want. It's a pink cocktail served with a hanging macaron, which was also pink. The texture of the cocktail was a bit thicker than Grape in Gold, sort of like there's a milk inside of it, but again, I'm not sure about it. This one is also good! I like this one, also when you eat the macaron then you sip the cocktail right away, it's really good inside your mouth. 

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Among those two cocktails, if I were to choose which one I like the most, it will be a tough decision. Maybe, slightly favouring Grape in Gold more but What Women Want was also so good in other way. It's really hard to choose between the two. Indeed, I'm loving MOMO's cocktails and not to forget its Beef and Rice canapé.

I didn't spend much time inside MOMO Restaurant & Bar and I couldn't find Joe Taslim, so I went to Three Buns to grab a meal because I was really hungry. Well, no picture this time because it's really dark. Not really crowded thankfully. I was really glad when I ordered their Green Tea, they have changed their glass! No more plastic cups which cost around 30k, which was pretty expensive for me. Now they changed it into a regular big glass without refill though, but it's worth it. Much worth it than a plastic cup with refill once. I ordered Four Floors and Naughty Fries again, thankfully, this time their burger tasted good and not bland! The last time I came there it was quite bland, might be because it's really crowded back then since that day was Saturday afternoon.

Once again, thank you Zomato and MOMO Restaurant & Bar for the opportunity to attend the Grand Opening MOMO Restaurant & Bar!

Momo Restaurant & Bar
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 92
Senopati, Jakarta
Opening Hours:
Mon: Closed
Tue-Thu, Sun: 11am - Midnight
Fri-Sat: 11am - 1pm
Phone: 021 29704981 ext:139



  1. Hi Yolanda,

    On behalf of MOMO Restaurant and Bar, we would like to personally thank you for attending our Grand Opening and sharing us your feedback of the event. Really hope you had a great time at the party.

    We're very sorry to hear the unpleasantness during the event. Please do understand as this is our first time hosting the grand opening event for our first outlet. We've taken good note of your comments and make sure it will not happen again in our next event.

    Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again soon in MOMO!

  2. Hi Steffie,

    You are very welcome and thank you for inviting me :)
    It's okay, no hard feeling. I'm not that used to that kind of event as well, it's a great event nevertheless.
    Thank you for your comment!