My next review will be the 3 Concept Eyes Duo Color Face Blush. I bought it pretty long ago already and sorry for the very late review. So, I want to find a good blush also I want to try 3 Concept Eyes just because it's really interesting especially the sleek black packaging. 3 Concept Eyes also have the single color face blush, but if I can get two colours in one palette why not?

3 Concept Eyes


Product Name
Duo Color Face Blush

#Peach Crush

KRW 22.000

There are several shades and all of them are so pretty and compliments each colour well. Well, Style Nanda's colour might looked intimidating and not easy to use, but they're beautiful and easy to use! Just don't go overboard with it of course.


Since I'm a warm tone skin, I opted the Peach Crush this time but now after seeing the shades again, I'm interested with #make me blush shade! Bought it from Korea, well my friend who lived in Korea came back to Indonesia, so I asked her to buy it first for me. When I first received it and I saw the colour, ugh, it's so pretty! Can't wait to use it.

IMG_7284 IMG_7276 IMG_7275 IMG_7274

Oh yes, I have used it several times so mind the dust. Peach Crush is a combination of a soft tone peach colour with a vivid orange colour. It's a combination between vivid strong colour and a very soft colour, which makes it a great combination right? The packaging is undeniably good and pretty sturdy, brought it with me for travelling several times and it's still sturdy and still good. Again, classic StyleNanda packaging, sleek black packaging. Very simple and modern, no fuss.

I did swatch but I'm not very good at swatch, so I will include the swatches from Style Nanda site as well, sorry about that. For my swatch, I didn't rub really hard, rub few times only. I don't even need to rub really hard or for so many times because the color is very pigmented.

IMG_7280 IMG_7281

Style Nanda's products are always highly-pigmented and that's what happened in this duo color face blush as well. It's really pigmented and the colour is exactly the same like what you see. You only need to apply this lightly and blend it nicely so you won't get the bold streak on your cheeks. The colour is really payoff and really pretty, it matches my skin tone really well. I can use the peach colour only or the orange color, or both combined or both separately, I can use it in anyway.

The texture is matte and not drying on my face also it's pretty long lasting, you can still see a hint of the blush after several hours. It doesn't enhance your pores, just sit there on your face beautifully, again, long lasting.

For the price, it retails on KRW 22.000 or around $23-ish. It's a bit pricey considering it's a Korean brand, which usually Korean brand is pretty cheap but again it's StyleNanda. It is a bit pricey but I don't mind splurge such money on duo color face blush, I get two highly-pigmented blush with pretty colours.

Overall, I really like this product. Highly pigmented, beautiful colours, sleek packaging. Indeed, a bit pricey but it lasts forever, really. It's quite hard to hit pan of this blush, I use it almost everyday and it's still nowhere near hitting the pan. Go give it a try and hope you like it as I do.

[ This product was purchased by me ]



  1. Peach crush is a lovely colour!! If your free, could you kindly check out my blog on x

    1. Yes it is a lovely colour! :) thank you