Planning a trip wasn't easy for me, especially when you're going with your friends, especially if it's more than two or three persons. Me and my friends have always been wanted to have a trip, no need to go really far since it will be much harder to organized and to execute such plan. At last, we decided to go to the Zoo at Bogor called Taman Safari Bogor.

After a thorough plan, we're departing early in the morning to avoid traffic and so we can have more time as well when we're at the zoo. In the end, there were 5 of us only because some other friends couldn't make it for they have another plans at that day.

Thankfully, the traffic wasn't jammed that bad, we get to reached the zoo quite early. We went there on Thursday, we obviously want to avoid weekend. Indeed, it's not that crowded, but not that quiet as well. 

Before we entered the zoo, we decided to have lunch at Cimory with mountain view. My friends ordered the sausage dish while me and my friend, Jevon, ordered rice. I know that I have to eat rice if not I will get sick or too hungry later. It was quite good.

I'm watching Running Man religiously, you know the South Korean variety show, when they visited Indonesia, they went to this zoo and when I saw it, I'm amazed at how big and gorgeous the zoo is right now. The last time I went here was when I was little kid, in the kindergarten or early primary school days. It has changed a lot, well obviously since it's been 14 years or so.

The moment you entered the zoo, you have to circled the front part of the zoo with your car, which is the place where all the animals are set free and we can see them up close, of course when it's the dangerous animals turn, they're all behind some sort of fence or wires.

Firstly, the animals like deers, zebras, elephants, giraffes, and other animals which I forgot its name just because I'm not too familiar with it. It's fascinating to have those animals right beside your car, sniffing your car and sometimes lick the windows. 

After the course was done, we stopped at the parking lot then we made our way into the zoo. I found out that we get to take pictures with several animals, tame and friendly animal of course. Including a leopard. I decided to take photo with the leopard and baby white tiger. The leopard was obviously really gorgeous. In one of the picture, I was holding back my laughter well because the leopard was yawning and stretched her head toward me which caused me to jumped in surprise. The baby white tiger was unfortunately sleeping, but still adorable of course.

After we had taken photos in the area, we walked further deeper into the zoo and we decided to watch shows. Such as the dolphin show, tiger show, etc. It was fun and very interesting. I'm amazed at those animals. I'm sorry beforehand for the bad quality photo because I had to zoom it quite a lot.

To conclude the trip, we had dinner at Cimory Riverside View. The photos were not that great so I opted to not upload it. Overall, I enjoy the trip so much, all thanks to my friends of course. I had so much fun with them. Can't wait for the next trip.