You will rarely find me wear lipsticks before as usually my lips always shows allergic reaction to lip products. Well, for now? Lipsticks will be one of my favourite beauty product. I mostly show allergic reaction to lipgloss and lipbalm. Even though I'm also allergic to Bobbi Brown's lipstick, not sure why though.

Since, I've been loving 3 Concept Eyes brand, a brand from Korea, I decided to try their Creamy Lip Color. I heard if you want the moisturising lipstick, then the creamy lip color will be your choice. I bought this pretty a while ago so I'm a bit forgot how much I bought this, but nowadays it costs around 200k-ish, not sure the exact number. A pretty reasonable price for a lipstick, I would say.

I ordered the #Cotton Pie color, which is a coral color. Oh, how I love coral. That's why I chose this color. Wanted to see whether their color will be great or not.

3 Concept Eyes


Product Name
Creamy Lip Color

#Cotton Pie

KRW 18.900

First of all, the packaging, as usual 3 Concept Eyes with their black packaging, so does with their creamy lip color. Sleek black tube with their brand in white font. Simple and classic, also not heavy and not too bulky. Will fit my purse easily. However, I assume because it's because of their black packaging, remember black absorbs heat easily? So yes, the lipstick melts! Uh, horrible. I tell you. At first, it was really nice, but then few days later when I start carrying it around inside my bag, it melts. 

Secondly, the color. Have to admit 3 Concept Eyes make a truly a great colors. Totally love the #Cotton Pie color a lot! Coral with a bit hint of orange more. Again, it's also very pigmented. Once applied on the lips, it will be really bright, bright in a good way of course. Perfect for daily too, so it's not too orangey.

Moving on, the texture of the product. Live up to its name, the texture of this lipstick indeed creamy, buttery-like creamy. Glides on easily on your lips. So it won't dry out your lips, but if your lips are chapped when you apply this, this lipstick might accentuate it a bit. Moisturising on your lips  

When it comes to lipstick, of course its long-lasting power is one of the important factor. For this lipstick, I would say they have a weak long-lasting power. Did not long last that long, especially you applied this then later on you're having a meal and drink, the lipstick will fade, almost to literally gone. Also when you applied, it needs time to set on your lips. Probably needs 30 minutes to actually really sets on your lips. Even after it sets, if you drink on a glass or a straw, the lipstick will stain the glass and straw.

Overall, when it comes to color and pigmentation, this lipstick is really good. The color is really pretty and very pigmented. However, the downsides of this lipstick are that it melts and not long-lasting. It annoys me a lot that the product melts while the price of the lipstick is pretty high for a Korean brand. Unfortunately, I will not buy this lipstick anymore in the future even though the color is really pretty.

[ This product was purchased by me ]



  1. Kalau boleh tau, kamu belinya dimana ya ?

    1. Hi :) ini aku beli di Korea, titip temenku yang pulang dari Korea. Di onlineshop instagram sekarang banyak yang jual 3CE :)