Eat Art Loud Event

As usual, in Grand Indonesia, there's an event held at the fifth floor. This time it's an event called I Love Bazaar Jakarta - Eat Art Loud. So this event mainly focus on the food and beverage stalls but they also do have other types of stall such as clothes, accessories, snapbacks, households, etc. The event was held for several days, from Thursday (if I'm not mistaken) until Sunday of October 2nd until October 5th. I came on Saturday and yes it's really crowded. I came because my cousin opened a booth there, he sells imported snapbacks with the brand called The Plateau.

I'm not really interested with clothes or accessories or so kind of booth, I'm more interested with the food and beverage stalls. Since my cousin has been there for few days already so he already tried most of all the food and beverage stalls, he recommended few things to us. So, in this event, the most crowded food stall is the Korean ice cream called Yikon. It's an ice cream inside a unique shape of cookie or dough or I don't know what it's called. It's crunchy. We can pick a letter to our desire, there are U shape, V shape and J shape. Then we can choose the ice cream flavour for the filling. There are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and green tea. When I was about to buy and pick the green tea, I was told that the green tea has been sold out. So I opted for the chocolate in U shape. I had to queue for a while but then to pick up my order, I have to queue for quite a long time. It was such a long queue.

Personally, I think this is pretty good but not exceptionally wow. It's all again the gimmick of the unique shape of the crispy cookie(?). It is pretty addictive, I would say. It will make you want to keep munching on this because of the crispiness and the moist ice cream on the inside. There's nothing special about the ice cream though, just a regular ice cream which you often found on the stores. If the queue was not that long, I will buy it again but because of the very long queue line, nah, I'm going to pass to buy this again.

Next, my cousin recommended this nachos booth. I bought it, and boy, I love it! The sauces especially. It was handmade sauce, they made it by themselves, we are served two types of sauces. First, the salsa sauce then the other is cheese sauce. I love both of them, and even when you mix both of the sauces. I forgot the name of the Nachos booth though. Now, I'm craving for another nachos.

Lastly, I bought a mousse dessert by Cream Comfort in Black Russian which it contains chocolate and vodka and another one I could not recall. The mousse was soft and delicate, the alcohol was not so strong that it overpowers everything else. Also liking the crunchy biscuits on the bottom of the cup which makes the texture of the mousse not just a soft but also have crunchiness. Personally, I like it but if I eat too much, the alcohol is getting strong on me, so I'd rather choose another flavour maybe next time. Overall, it's good.

Lastly, pictures of me, my sister, and my cousin. Had a great day overall! Looking forward for another event like this.