Decided to hang out with my friends (Roselyn, Jevon, and Andrew), since it's weekend we decided to not have lunch around our campus area, instead we decided to have lunch at Senopati area. We opted for Publico this time, since most of us haven't had the chance to dine here.

Once we came inside, we were ushered to go upstairs and I'm loving the stairs already also the ambience of the restaurant. It's very classic with black and brown yellowish being dominant in this restaurant. The restaurant is very beautiful and very classy, also sophisticated.

Such a lovely interior, isn't it? It's not crowded at that time, I assume because it's lunch time, since I heard this place is pretty crowded during dinner, but I like it more like this, not crowded. We had a hard time to choose our order, whereas one of my friend decided to have dessert only since he felt full.

Then I ordered the Grilled Charcoal Jumbo Prawn while my friends ordered other things. As we waited for the food to arrived, we decided to take some photos and chatted, yeah we had a good laugh and chat that day. Then, finally the food has arrived.

In the menu, the Grilled Charcoal Jumbo Prawn (IDR 185.000) is described as "Grilled fresh jumbo prawn with special homemade fresh and spicy marinated, served with light aioli sauce and served with refreshing dice of green apple and red pepper in salsa style".

My first impression of the dish is that the visual of the dish is really pretty and vibrant. The red color from the prawn complements well with the red and yellow color from the salsa, also with the green from the asparagus. The plating is really pretty.

We have to peel the prawn first, however it's not hard since it's came off easily. Perfectly cooked and the prawn meat is sweet however they could have made the seasoning to be absorbed more into the prawn, so I wish they can marinate the prawn more. Then I tasted the salsa also the asparagus. The salsa is really fresh and texture party inside my mouth. While the asparagus is really savoury and well-seasoned. All the three elements complemented each other really well.

Overall, it's a good dish however the minus point for me would be the price and the lack seasoning on the prawn meat. IDR 185.000 for three jumbo prawns only, it's too expensive for me, it's not even make my tummy full. I'm still really hungry after cleaned up the plate. As for the prawn, it's good already however for me, I wish the seasoning can be absorbed into the prawn meat more or add some more seasoning to let out the flavour. 

Another friend of mine ordered the Valrhona Mars Bar, I didn't try it but I took the picture. My friend said it's really good, and indeed Publico is also famous for its Mars bar. Again, the plating is really pretty.

To top it off, some photos we took while we had lunch. Thank you for the great day, fellas!

Lastly, photos of mine. Thank you for reading this review, don't forget to subscribe!

(psst, that red drink is not good)

Jl. Senopati Raya No. 65
Senopati, Jakarta
Opening Hour: 
Mon-Thu: 10am - Midnight
Fri-Sat: 10am - 1am
Phone: 021 52964960