Happy New Year 2015


I can't believe it's 2015 already, when it feels like just few weeks ago I celebrate new year, welcoming 2014 yet now I'm saying goodbye to 2014 already. Time flies really fast, like in a blink of eye. With the time flies really fast, if we take time for granted, the time will slip through our hand just like that without us maximise the time.

Reflect back throughout 2014, I had a great year and I'm very grateful for that. Ups and downs, but oh well, what's life without ups and downs altogether. I can do better in 2014, but I have no regret whatsoever. Learning from my mistakes in 2014 and learning from my success as well to strive more success in this brand new year.

Wishing for more great things in 2015, a joyful and blessed year for me, my family, friends, and everyone. I will do my best to maximise 2015, every minute of it, every second of it, every moment of it. Hoping to become a better person and a better believer as well.

Thank You, Jesus for every blessings you've given to me throughout 2014 and I am sure you will be with me as well throughout 2015.

Once again, happy new year to us all! Have a blessed, joyful, and great year ahead!