Kempi Deli

At first I heard people are starting to rave about this particular cafe called Kempi Deli at Grand Indonesia, but then it struck me that I had once visited Kempi Deli before, even though back then I only bought their macarons. Turned out, it was before Grand Indonesia East Mall had renovation, and after it has finished renovated, Kempi Deli moved its location to the area where Social House was located only that it's located one floor below it.

The cafe itself is not very spacious and large, there are only few tables inside. However, it's very comfy and I like the ambience there. It has classic theme and well-designed also well-decorated. I like everything about it, even though it will be much better if it's larger.

Since I've always loved sandwich, I decided to order their sandwich and I had a hard time to choose which sandwich I should order. I laid my eyes on Cowboy's Best sandwich, it seems delicious and as for the drink, I ordered their mixed juice called Wake Up Call.

Cowboy's Best is a grilled cheese and braised beef short rib sandwich with caramelised onion and arugula. They have various options for the bread and if I'm not mistaken, I chose white bread. As for the Wake Up Call, it's a juice consisted pineapple, lemon juice, pak choi, strawberry and lychee. When the sandwich came, it looked good already and I can't wait to taste it.

First, the sandwich. When I took a bite, oh it's really good! Love how the beef are so tender and it's all pulled apart easily, generous sauce and seasoning. It's really good and at last I found a place that serve great sandwich. 

However, one thing I don't like. I don't like how it's served on top of a paper, since the sauces made the paper wet and ruined, also I'm using knife so it's torn easily and it might stuck to the sandwich, and I accidentally eat the paper. I wish they don't have to serve it on top of a paper.

At last the juice. I have never drink a vegetable juice or simply a fruit juice mixed with vegetable but I braced myself to try such juice. Obviously the color is green which made it more obvious the existence of the vegetable in it.

Surprisingly, it's good. I can taste the vegetable but it's subtle and it's pleasant to my taste bud. However, when I kept drinking it, my throat was kind of sore afterwards, probably because of the lemon juice or the pineapple, not sure.

Overall, I'm liking Kempi Deli so much, because of their sandwich. Will have to try their other sandwich but I think when I came back there again, I'll order Cowboy's Best again first just because it's so good and I like it so much.

Kempi Deli
Grand Indonesia Mall, Lantai 2, East Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin
Thamrin, Jakarta
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 10am-8pm

[ Not invited ]