Carven for Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week S/S 2015

There's a fashion week at Plaza Indonesia called Plaza Indonesia Fashion for Spring Summer 2015 this week. I got invited to watch the fashion show by Carven yesterday (Thursday, March 26th, 2015) and I was excited to watch the show.

Carven is a brand from Paris and once I checked out their Instagram page, I love their pieces! Feminine, sophisticated, and lovely. It makes me couldn't even wait to enjoy their fashion show.

So, I got there and the door was yet to open, so me and the other audience were waiting in the entrance room first. We were served drinks and canap├ęs by Oh-la-la Cafe. I grabbed myself a glass of Iced Peach Tea and some bite-sized cakes while I was waiting until they open the door.

At last, the door opened and we were allowed to enter the room where the fashion show will be held. I got my seats already and as usual some opening words and some sponsors advertisements, then at last the fashion show will start.

The models started to walk down the stage one by one and I was immersed by all the outfits. They're all so pretty and sophisticated.

On the other hand, person next to me (a very well-known female) kept chatting and laughing with a really loud and hysterical voice during the fashion show. Very annoying and irritating, she earned few stares and glares of course, but she's too obnoxious to realise that. Very annoying.

However, the fashion show was great, loving the pieces! Had a great time there.



  1. Very curious with the "very well-known female"! Who is she? X) it's ok, you can spill it! hehe

    1. Lol, she who shall not be named :p starts with C ;)