REVIEW: Aritaum Full Cover Liquid Concealer 02 Natural Beige

I am back with another review on beauty product. This time I will be reviewing a concealer by Korean brand and I heard a lot of raves about this because of its high coverage. First of all, the Full Cover concealer line has three types, namely: first, the liquid concealer, second, stick concealer, and lastly the cream concealer. I opted for the liquid concealer since it's suitable for oily skin, and of course I do have oily skin.

Bought this at an online shop in Instagram, since there's no way my hands can get on this brand, here in my country except through online shops. Not that I mind, since usually korean brands who entered Indonesian market, they seems doubled the price than their normal price in Korea. In South Korea, it retails KRW 7000 but since I bought it at an online shop, of course it's more expensive but still cheap, if I'm not wrong, I bought it for IDR 100.000 back then.

First of all, the packaging. It's pretty big for a concealer with a low price and it consists 25ml of the product. It's a tube which makes it easy to squeeze the product out and it won't make lots of dirts anyway. It can be bulky if you want to carry this around during the day.

The concealer itself has two shades, first the light beige if I'm not mistaken and the second one which is mine is the Shade number 2; natural beige. While at the back of the tube, there's a description of the product in Korean, also other information about the brand and stuff.

Next, let's see the color of the product itself. I squeeze tiny bit, pea-sized amount on the top of my hand. The color is a bit yellowy but it has pink and yellow undertone, while the pink undertone or salmon undertone is subtle. It's still a bit too bright my skin but in some areas it matches quite well. If I were to use this to conceal blemishes, I would have needed one shade darker than this so it will truly match my skin and it will 'disappear' into my skin.

After that, I'm going to blend this product and see the colour after it's blended out and how's the consistency of the product. Once I blended, it blends well and as I said before, the colour is a bit lighter than my skin. As for the consistency, I have to say this is quite thick. You only need a little bit of the product, but even if it's already little bit, it's still thick for me.

Lastly, the performance of the product. I tested it out its coverage by applying a gel eyeliner on top of my hand then we'll see whether this concealer can conceal good. So, I stroke the gel eyeliner on the top of my hand, smudge it a bit and let it dry before I put the concealer on top of it. After that, I squeeze a pea-sized amount on it.

Next I will blend it out. It did a pretty good job in covering the eyeliner, the eyeliner was really dark and after I blended out the concealer, I still can see the black but only subtle, what if I use the concealer to cover my small blemish? Indeed it's a great performance, however the downside of the product is that the texture is thick and somewhat it can look cakey and another downside will be there's a strong scent coming from the product, I warn you those who hate scents, this product has strong scents, it's a good scent but still strong nevertheless.

It is still recommended for its high coverage performance, however still have to be careful when applying because of its thickness since you don't want to get cakey. However, not recommended for those who hate scents on their product because this product emits strong scent (good scent).

That will be the review of this product. I'll see you on my next post! 

[ This product was purchased by me ]