REVIEW: Dr. Jart+ Holy Skin BB Illuminator

This time, I'll be reviewing a liquid highlighter by a Korean brand called Dr. Jart+. Well, I received this highlighter for free when I bought their BB Cream Silver Label (bought it at South Korea with the help of my friend). They were having Buy 1 Get 1 and it's in one package already, so the BB Cream was packaged with the highlighter.

I usually use a powder highlighter since I'm kinda scared to use the liquid type, afraid that it will be too much or too shiny on my face. However, I gave it a try anyway since I didn't want to waste any money even though it's free and it was given in the full size.

It contains 30ml of the product and it claims to create a healthy and natural glow effect as written on the front part of the product. While at the back of the product, it states several claims such as this product instantly illuminates skin tone, create healthy and natural glow effect, improves skin brightness and dryness and also it's dermatologist tested. Followed with the directions to use this. 

Apparently, this product can be used by using this product alone after applying your base make up, or you can mix it with your base make up with the ratio 2:1 to express brighter and shiny look. However, I always use this after I applied my base make up. Since I'm an oily skin person, I don't want my face to be any more brighter than what I already look like usually.

The packaging of the product itself is just like any other normal packaging. Not too bulky but not too small either, also it's a tube kind-of product. Easy to squeeze a pea-sized amount of the product and it won't make a mess.

Next, I'm going to dispense a bit amount of the product and we'll see the color of the product also the texture of the product itself. I squeezed a pea-sized amount of the product on the back of my hand. As you can see from the photos below, the product itself has pink undertone and quite shimmery and glowy I would say.

The texture of the product itself was not too watery but not too thick as well, I think it's the right texture and I love it. Of course, you only need a little bit of it to work it out, you don't need a lot of it if you do not want your face to be a disco ball, that being said.

Then, I'm blending it on my hand. The performance of the product was great. It blends easily and seriously, you only need a little bit of the product to create a glowing and illuminate face. It doesn't feel that sticky once blended, it creates enough shimmer and glowy effect that will complement your face and brighten up your complexion.

I mostly apply this on my cheek bone and use what's left on my finger on my forehead and cupid's bow. I don't usually apply this on my nose because I feel like it's too much for my nose, I once tried it and it's too much for my nose, so I will only use highlighting powder on my nose. This product stays pretty well on my face for few hours, love it.

Overall, I really like this product. Its amount in one tube is a lot for a highlighter, it will last forever for me I think. The color complements my skin even though I'm a light-medium skin tone. The colour payoff is great, it creates enough shimmer and glow without overdoing it, it's quite long lasting as well, it blends easily, so I really recommend this product.

[ This product was purchased by me ]