REVIEW: Aritaum Honey Melting Tint - Bitter Rose

There's hardly a person who only has one single lip product, right? At least, they each have lipstick or lipgloss and a lipbalm for sure. Well, maybe there is someone who only own one lip product, though. However, for us, beauty addict, it's hard to not purchase or own more than one of lip product, right?

I have this new lip product called Honey Melting Tint by Aritaum in shade Bitter Rose. Well, my friend who lives in South Korea gave me this when she came back to Indonesia as one of her gifts. This product I would say a tint in a balm type of product. Heard this product really moisturise your lips while give your lips a touch of colour to it.

The Packaging is just like any other lipbalm product, even though this is not a lipbalm. Sleek tube with black on the bottom part of the product. I love the packaging itself, very simple and sleek. Also, not bulky if you're about to carry this around inside your purse. Very convenient, right.

Now, moving on to the colour of the product itself. As it's called Bitter Rose, the color is more of red with taupe hint, a bit burgundy feel to it. I've been wanted to try this kind of colour and thankfully my friend gave me this kind of colour.

Moving on, the performance of the product. First of all, this product does emit some scent but it's not a strong one. The scent is more like honey to me. I don't get disturbed by the scent though since it's not that strong.

This product really does moisturising and not sticky. The payoff of this product is really good, the colour is true to its appearance and with one swipe only, you can get enough colour from it. If you want more colour payoff, you just need to swipe once or twice more.

When it's applied on the lips, it's not drying nor sticky which I like it a lot. Mostly, I only apply this on the inner part of my lips, the edges of my lips tend to have allergic reaction to this kind of lip product, so I would want to avoid that and later on I'll just blend it out with my finger. It doesn't cling onto your dry lips as well or to the cracks of your lips.

It does transfer when you drink with a straw, but still the colour lingers a bit on your lips afterward. I don't have much problem with the staying power. The result when you applied this also looks really nice on the lips, not too glossy and not too matte as well.

Overall, I really like this product. Great for everyday use and no brainer for you just need to grab this and smack it on your lips and you're ready to go out, plus it's moisturising for your lips. So, it's recommended!

[ This product was given to me by my friend as a gift. ]