REVIEW: Koyudo BP016 Blush Brush

Lately, Japanese brushes have been the 'IT' item for beauty junkie because of its high quality and how soft they are with a reasonable price of course. Well, some of them are of course expensive but some of them do have good price. Been dying to get my hands on Japanese brushes like Hakuhodo, Chikuhodo or Koyudo. As for like Suqqu or RMK brushes, maybe next time since the price is pretty steep for those two brands.

Contemplating what brush do I need if I'm going to buy one, whether it's for base makeup brush or cheek brush. Mainly for face brush first instead of eye brushes. Then, I decided to look for cheek brush, for blush application especially. Researching here and there, I concluded with a mindset to buy Koyudo BP016 brush.

Bought it through an online shop in Instagram since I'm in Indonesia, so the price will be a bit higher than the counter price of course. I purchased it for IDR 580.000 or around $45 whereas in their official site, the brush costs for 5.443 Yen or $42. When I look at it again, I got it at quite good price despite that I bought this on an online shop.

When the brush arrived, I was beyond ecstatic. I finally able to got my hands on Japanese brush. This brush is also one of the brush that highly raved about. The packaging of the brush was just covered by plastic only, no box unfortunately. Maybe you'll get one if you buy it directly from their site and in high quantity. Below is the picture of the brush pre-wash so it's not so fluffy yet. 

Firstly, about the brush itself. BP Class is Koyudo BP High Class Series, which sounds fancy of course with the 'high class' term in it. The measurement of the brush is: Full 16.3 cm Hair 3.8 cm as for the hair itself, this brush is using Goat hair (Saikoho).

The description on the site is:
Contour and define cheeks for flawlessly blended, high-definition results with this blush brush. Using the highest quality goat hair, "saikoho". The bristles of this brush are very soft.

It uses high-quality Goat (Sokoho, Hakutotsuho, etc.)

The thin and delicate hair will pick up the perfect amount of powder and allow you to easily spread out an even thin layer by stroking brushes with powder in a circular motion.
Why not enjoy the perfect finish that only high-quality bristles can make it.
The purpose of this blush is mainly for blush, finishing, highlighting and powder. But I heard some people said that this brush can be used as well for liquid product and as well for foundation but maybe not dense enough to blend the foundation well, so it's highly recommend to use it for powder. The site mentions the softness of this brush is 8 out 10. However, for me, when I touch it, it's super soft. Like, I keep want to touch it because it's really soft and fluffy! As for the handle itself, it's pretty light but not too light and the size is perfect for me to hold it comfortably.

Once you wash the brush, the hair will get fluffier and it feels really soft when you wash it. I wash it with baby shampoo, and that's how I always wash my brushes to take care of the bristles. This brush didn't shed or bled at all, love it.

When I finally tried to apply blush onto my cheeks with this blush, it picks up the product really well, so it's suitable for blush that's not too pigmented, as for blush that's highly pigmented, use light hand when applying it with this blush, I suggest. It blends really well as well, leaves no streaks.

Not to forget, the softness of the hair when it touches your face. Really soft and I just want to swipe it on my face all the time just because I really love how it feels when the hair touches my face.

Tom Ford brushes are made by Japanese factory who also produce brushes by Hakuhodo and other Japanese brush brands as well. No wonder, both of them are really soft, right? Even though I never had the chance to get my hands on Tom Ford brushes (yet, hopefully). 

Oh, please don't say any Japanese brushes are the dupes of MAC Brushes. Please, that means you know nothing, girl.

To conclude, I really love this brush and will try other brushes from this brand or other Japanese brands. Indeed, it's a really great brush and no wonder people rave about it so much, also raving about the softness of the brush hair. I have yet to try the other brand which also really soft of course. Worth the price, every penny of it! Very recommended for you who want to invest your money in a good makeup brushes but not too expensive.

If you're looking for another makeup brush guide, I found a post which discuss about makeup brush in detail, and it's an in-depth review. It might help you guys in finding the perfect brush for you. You can head over to's post to check it out. Hope it helps you more.

[ This product was purchased by me ]