REVIEW: Etude House Play 101 Pencil Part 1

Etude House released a very innovative make-up product which is the Play 101 Pencil. It's released in 50 different colours first then later on they released another 10 different colours. This product can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow, blush, lipstick, and even concealer! How multi-function is this product right. Not to forget, it's not expensive! This product, each, retails on 6.000 WON or around $6 and isn't that amazing?

Not only they have varies of colours, but also the texture. There are glossy texture, shimmer, glitter, matte, and creamy. Here below is the picture of the colours they have along with the texture of each colour.

Once I heard about this product, I searched for its swatches right away and bought it right away with the help of my friend's aunt who travelled to Korea at that time. I got myself 4 colours first and wanted to see how good is this product.

I bought the shade #15 #26 #28 and #48. One glossy and three glitters. I really like those colours, it's a coral, pink and brown colour which I really need at the moment.

More about this product is that this pen is auto and retractable, however they still provide sharpener at the very end of the pen in case you want to sharpened it for liner and such. I always like auto  and retractable product because you don't need to sharpen it up and you won't waste any of the product.

Let's have a closer look on each colour. First of all, I will discuss the colour #15 which is a glossy pen and it is said it can be used for blusher or lipstick, but I believe it can be used for eyeshadow as well. The shade #15 is a coral colour and it's really pretty. It looks a bit orange in the picture, but once you apply it, it's a pretty coral with a hint of pink in it.

Next is the shade #26 which is a glitter pen and it's in the colour of pink, a little bit darker pink I would say. The glitter is not too excessive I would say, it's in the right amount and it's easy to blend. I like using this on the outer corner of my lower lash line, as well as on the outer corner of my lid and blend it.

Next one is my most favourite among the four colours that I bought which is the glitter shade #28. This shade is a subtle champagne more to pink colour and it's really pretty. The glitter is quite intense but in the right amount and it blends well as well. I love using it as my base eyeshadow and also for my lower lash line right in the middle and it gives the right amount of sheen.

Lastly, the shade #48 which is a dark brown with glitter and I would say this shade is pretty creamy and blends really well too. It's not too dark but dark enough to use as eyeliner, as what Pony used on one of her videos when she's doing many looks using Play 101 Pencil.

Now, I will show the swatches of each colour on my hand. The four of them are so pretty and it just makes me want to get more colours because this product is very versatile, with a good quality, and not expensive.

Next up, I will try the smudge test on them to see whether they're smudge-proof or not. Maybe not for the glossy type since it's glossy, obviously. I smudge it not long after it was applied on my arm and the result is all the glitter type only smudge a little bit which is impressive. Maybe, if I have waited a bit longer then it will be set even more, also if I use primer, it will lasts better, I suppose.

Lastly, I will do the water test and see if it's waterproof. I just drop some water on top of it and touch it with my hand a little bit. Again, the glossy is not that waterproof but the colour still intact on my skin, if that makes sense. While the other, I would say it's waterproof and another plus point for this product. 

Overall, I really love this product and I will buy again or even I will buy more of this product with different colours of course. I recommend this product for those who love versatile products with a good quality. It's really good for travelling since it doesn't take up so much space and again it's versatile, so you don't have to carry many products. It also has great colour payoff and blends really well. 

I bought another three colours which I will review on the next post. So again, this product is recommended. Love it.

[ This product was purchased by me ]