REVIEW: Suqqu Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation N

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I got into Japanase makeup recently and I totally fell in love with it! I heard so much rave about it and when I encounter one of the online shop on Instagram which sells Japanese makeup, selling few samples of the brand, I bought one of them right away which is this Suqqu Frame Fix Lasting Pact Foundation N.

Now, Suqqu is a high-end brand in Japan and it has quite steep price but I know that their products are really good. I wanted to try their foundation and I get to try their foundation on sample size, isn't that awesome?

For this foundation, my shade is in 003 and this product has SPF 30. The sample size is of course small but surprisingly it lasts a lot longer than I thought, I still have the product until now, well I only use it few times up until now.

When we open the lid, the product itself was sealed with an aluminium foil to protect it and as well a sponge for the application. It's a good quality sponge I would say.

I pick this shade solely based on the internet and the photos there, I was scared that it's too light for me but turned out it's the right shade for me and I'm so relieved. I would say this shade is meant for someone with yellow undertone or warm complexion rather than the cool complexion.

Swatched it on my hand, the color matches my neck perfectly and it's really creamy, also a bit thick. Blends really well as I have been using this with the sponge applicator and it's great. Blends smoothly and covers up pretty well.

After several times using this foundation, I would say I do love this product! It's creamy, a bit thick, but blends really well and if you use the right amount with dabbing motion, it won't look too thick. Covers up really well too, it didn't make me look so oily but it has the perfect amount of glow so it's not too matte as well.

Have to be careful with this product because it can make you look like you apply a very thick of foundation, so use the right amount and the right technique. Overall, I'm satisfied with this product. I will buy it if I'm running out of foundation later.

[ This product was purchased by me ]