Branche Bistro

Obviously, by now there are a lot of new restaurants already in Jakarta and I had a hard time to keep up with them as they keep coming in. Mostly they're great, but some just so-so. Well, there is this one restaurant that's pretty the hit-place for youngster, well for adults as well of course. It's the Branche Bistro which located at Senopati, and the restaurant is on your left when you drive through the Senopati road.

From the outside, this restaurant looks beautiful. The exterior is classic and simple. Love the vibes of this restaurant already when I came here. I came here few months ago to have a quick lunch with my friend.

I went inside and was greeted by the friendly host, she told me I can choose the table, I wanted the table right next to the window because it's bright there. Turned out the table that I wanted was occupied by the manager, but I was allowed to sit there, while the manager moved. Really thankful for that and do apologise for the trouble, but I don't really like dimly lit places, so I wanted to sit right next to the window, plus it's a great lighting for me to take photos. Lol.

While I was waiting for my friend, I looked through the menu to decide what I will get for my lunch that day. Had a hard time to decide what I will choose.

When my friend came and we both already decided what are we getting, we ordered then we waited for the food. My friend opted for Chicken Quesadilla while I decided to get Stuffed Chicken Breast.

The food then came and I love the plating right away. It looked so pretty and appetising. Made my mouth watery for sure as I couldn't wait to dig in. My food's plating is more to a modern sophisticated, while my friend's plating is more rustic yet sophisticated as well.

I'm not sure as to why I chose the Stuffed Chicken Breast, I just chose it. From the description on the menu, it's seemed delicious as well, so might as well try it. Well, if the restaurant is really a good restaurant, with a simple dish like this, as opposed to like steaks and whatever, they should be able to make it really good.

Stuffed Chicken Breast (IDR 95.000)
Deep fried chicken breast with creamy spinach and roasted paprika filling accompanied by potato pomme purée, mixed salad and lemon butter cream sauce

First of all, the purée was soft and tasted really yummy, love the smooth feeling it gave me when I first ate it. The saltiness, the savouriness were perfect for me. Then, I tasted the salad with lemon butter sauce. I love the dressing, very fresh yet savoury at the same time. It went really well with the chicken breast and the purée right when I ate all the elements in one spoon.

Next will be the main star of the dish which is the stuffed chicken breast itself. When I cut the chicken breast, the outer-side was crispy while the chicken inside was tender and moist, not too dry. The creamy spinach also took part in making it moist, I supposed. The combination of the chicken breast, creamy spinach and the other filling as well as the crispy on the outside were really good and well-balanced.  Yummy in one whole spoon and couldn't stop eating it, of course.

I loved the most when I put the stuffed chicken breast, the salad, the purée and the creamy sauce, all in one spoon and I took a big mouthful spoon of it. All the flavours together were so well-balanced and savoury, of course also yummy.

I did try my friend's quesadilla, it's savoury and yummy as well, but too oily for my liking. Other than that, it's pretty okay for me, but not that exceptionally good.

One thing that I would like to comment would be the price, I would say. Indeed, this restaurant's prices are on the higher end compared to the other restaurants, but have to say that the price is a bit tad high. That's all I guess.

Overall, I had a pleasant dining experience here, from the friendly staff, great ambience, and delicious food. Will come here again in the future, to try out some other food. Keep up the great food and the friendliness of the staffs.

Branche Bistro
Jl. Senopati No. 33
Senopati, Jakarta
Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 11am until midnight
Fri-Sat: 11am until 2am

[ Not Invited ]