REVIEW: Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

For people who's often indulge in the beauty world, it is pretty well-known already that it's very important to have a healthy and good skin as the base of our make-up also to be able to absorb all those nutrients from the skincare well. Well-cleansed face and well-moisturized face are not enough, sometimes our face also need deep cleansing to really clean it.

One of the way will be using a mask. Mask here is different with the face sheet mask, more like mask that's applied to our face and wait for few minutes then rinse it off. The well-known mask that's good is the clay mask.

Today I will be reviewing a Korean product by Innisfree called Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask that retails at 13.000won or around USD15. Actually, there are two versions of this product, the super and the non-super. I opted for the super one to have the maximum performance of the product for my face.

To begin with, I don't have cystic acne, or huge pimples, but rather small bumps in certain areas such as my forehead and my temple, not to forget I do have blackheads as well and I'm trying my best to get rid of them for good that's why I want to try this product which I have heard so much raves about it that it's really good to get rid of blackheads also acne.

This product claims to absorbs impurities and sebum deeply embedded within pores, tightens pores, removes sebum, exfoliates dead skin cells, offers deep cleansing, enhances skin tone, and provides cooling effects.

Innisfree also claims this product to be a "7 free" product, which this product is free from artificial fragrance, artificial pigments, parabens, benzophenone, ethanol, animal ingredients, and mineral oil.

Considering those claims really do make me as the customer feels very excited to try out this product, not to forget those good reviews of this product. Let's move on to the review.

First of all, the PACKAGING. I bought the 100ml, as I heard there's the bigger version and it comes in a large squeezable tube, rather than a plastic tub like this. For the size 100ml, you will get a box with the tub inside. The box itself is organic (as usual with Innisfree) and there's no spatula. The size of the mask itself is not too big, so it's portable and very convenient to bring it during vacation as well.

Since there's no spatula provided, this might cause a hygienic issue, but for me to scoop out some of the product, I use a cotton bud to scoop the product out instead of using my finger which the product may get stuck on my nails and I hate that. So, the hygienic issue is actually solvable and easy to solve, you can either use a cotton bud or buy a spatula specially for this mask.

Next will be the TEXTURE. Once I open the clear lid that's in between the tin lid and the product itself, I can feel that the texture of this mask is thick as its name, clay. The mask itself is filling up the tub, so it's not like they only give us half of it or 3/4 of the tub. It is thick but it spreads easily. 

Moving on, will be discussing the APPLICATION of this mask. Innisfree mentions the direction to use this mask which is after cleansing, apply an adequate amount of mask on the face avoiding the eye and lip area and leave on for 10 minutes. Gently massage in circular motion using fingertips before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

I use this mask as in accordance with the direction, however I usually wait a bit longer than 10 minutes, just to make sure the product absorbed really well to the skin also to have better result, even though I have no idea if that's possible or not, but oh well. Usually, I leave it until 20-25 minutes then I lather it with a bit of water then massage it softly, specially on my nose then I rinse it off. I also apply it thickly on my nose and forehead just because that's where I have the most troubles.

Once the mask is blended, the texture of the product is still wet and moist. Once the mask has set and dried up, the texture become dry and a bit grainy powdery as well, but there's no much of a fall out. Your face will feel that it's tightening up because the mask is drying up.

When the mask had dried up, it's better to not move around your face muscle as it will crack the dried mask and will get into the fine lines instead.

Next, I will be showing when I lather it with some water. When I'm about to rinse the mask off, I will wet my hands first then rub it on my face slowly, lather it some more with water. Once I feel some of the product are dissolving but not entirely, I start massage the product in circular motion all around my face.

Once I feel it's massaged enough, then I rinse it off with lukewarm water or sometimes cold water just to close my pores. You really need to rinse it well and make sure every nook and cranny are clean already, because sometimes there are some of the mask still lingers on some parts. Then I pat my face dry, of course not rub it, remember.

Lastly, the most important of a review will be the RESULT or OVERVIEW of the product. Every time I use this mask, once I rinse it off, I can feel instantly my skin become moist and smooth, not to mention brightened up as well.

It did make my pores look a bit smaller, as regarding the blackheads, I don't feel like it really removes all the blackheads, but I would say it's pretty decent and it did pretty a good job. For acnes and bumps, I do feel if you wear it on regular basis also diligently, you will see significant improvements on those troubles.

A friend of mine who has acnes and bumps, use this mask religiously and diligently, she achieved a better skin in some time and I can see that her skin condition is better than before.

As seen below, it's brighten up than the before side, also of course it's more smooth than the before side.

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone, even when they don't have much troubles because it will make their skin looked more radiant and glowing, also more smooth. Well, for someone who has a really bad acne, I would say choose another product that's really designated for such acnes because this product won't be much of a help for those kinds.

I'm quite happy with this product, not to mention the low price and as well the not-so-bad-yet-pretty-good quality for me and for my friends because I can see their skins are improving a lot. Just remember to apply it generously, religiously, and diligently.

[ This product was purchased by me ]