REVIEW: The Balm Nude Tude

Never been a fan of eyeshadow actually well since I'm not that good at applying it, also somehow I don't really look great with eyeshadow to be honest. However, since I keep learning how to apply it properly and I think I should have a palette that's great for daily look but also have variant colors.

Considering to buy Urban Decay Naked 2 palette before, but again since I'm not that into eyeshadow, I feel that it's a bit of a waste money to spend such amount on an eyeshadow palette. So, I was looking for a rather much affordable one.

Then I came across an Instagram post from one of my following, which is an online shop and that online shop was holding a preorder for The Balm product and it's on sale for half price on the Haute Look website. I saw the Nude Tude palette was also on the sale items, so on the site it was for $15 but the online shop sold it for $20 while in the counter in my country it's around $50 which was quite ridiculous and other online shop also sell it for $30++.

Since it's a good deal and I already read so many reviews about it saying that it's a good palette, great for daily look as well and it has neutral colors so I decided to buy it. Well, I had to wait for quite a long time to be honest.

At last, it's here and when I open it, it's gorgeous and all the colors are wearable and I love the burgundy color so much.

Moving on to the review, first of all the PACKAGING of the product. It has an outer sleeve made from a not-too-thick cardboard then when you slide the palette, you'll have it. The palette itself is also made from a cardboard but not too flimsy, quite sturdy I would say and it's lightweight. The size of it is quite normal for an eyeshadow palette. Not too thick and bulky. It provides a dual-ended brush with it, and it's quite good.

Not to forget the big mirror inside the palette which is very useful, especially when you're traveling. On the back side of the palette, listed all the ingredients as well as the colors on the palette, also other information as well. Another good point will be the magnetic lid, it makes everything more convenient and great.

Next will be about the COLORS on the palette. There are 12 colors on the palette, ranging from the light color to dark color, as well in terms of texture, from matte to shimmery texture. I will divide it into two sections, the lighter section and the darker section.

First the lighter sections, the first three colors (top first then bottom) from the left.
  • Sassy -- frosty white, great color payoff
  • Stubborn -- soft frosty medium peach or baby pink, it's lighter when it's swatched than in the pan
  • Selfish -- frosty taupe, grey to silver color. Again, it's lighter when it's swatched than in the pan
  • Snobby -- shimmery yellow to gold color
  • Stand-offish -- shimmery champagne peach beige color
  • Sultry -- matte brown with cool undertone, when swatched it's cooler than in the pan

Next, the darker sections. The three colors from the right (top first then bottom).
  • Sophisticated -- medium to dark brown, shimmery with good color payoff
  • Sexy -- matte burgundy, mix of red and brown with great color payoff
  • Serious -- matte black with good color payoff, but not as intense as in the pan
  • Seductive -- satin warm golden bronze, great color payoff
  • Silly -- deep brown with hint of red and gold copper sparkle glitter, very sheer
  • Sleek -- matte dark brown-black, pretty intense

Lastly will be about the TEXTURE and APPLICATION of the eyeshadows. Overall, they're all buttery and smooth to apply. Great texture and there's not much fallout, almost to nonexistent I would say. The colors also have good color payoff, the best one is coming from the dark matte colors. While the shimmery, it comes lighter when applied than in the pan. While for the shade Silly, it comes out really sheer than I expect.

Overall, it's a great palette with a rather affordable price. The colors are wearable and very neutral, not to forget it's pretty variant as well. I would recommend this palette for someone who's getting into eyeshadow and looking for a neutral eyeshadow palette. The colors could have been greater than this but it's pretty good already.

[ This product was purchased by me ]