REVIEW: Banila Co. Prime Primer in Classic Matte

Long time no see, so I just got back from my short vacation to Singapore last week which I was there for 5 days only. I felt great after having a short getaway, well also for my medical check-up as well but the results are great, thank God. Without further ado, let's moving on to the review.

So I will be reviewing a primer from a Korean brand which is Banila Co. Banila Co's primer are pretty famous, that's why I wanted to try it so bad and finally got my hands on it. Since I have combination/oily skin, I chose the Classic Matte version even though the Classic version is much more famous and highly raved. This product retails around 18.000WON back then, not sure now, since I also bought it from an online shop and I quite forgot already how much I pay for it.

The description stated on the box are all written in Korean, well basically it just provides the 'how-to-use' instruction as well as what the product claims to do. It claims to help reduce oiliness, especially around the T-Zone area, it also helps makeup stays on all day and it will be invisible once applied so it won't be seen through the makeup.

First of all, the PACKAGING of the product. I love how simple and not much fuss the product is. I would say the bottle itself is pretty big for a primer and I'm pretty sure it will last for quite a long time for me. The bottle is pretty sturdy and I have brought it with me several times when I'm traveling and it's perfectly fine. I also love there's a cap for the pump, even though when I put it in my makeup bag, it's pretty often come off. The pump also distributes small amount of the product rather than one pump release tons of product at once.

Secondly, the TEXTURE of the product. The product itself is white in color, but turns into translucent once blended. It has silky smooth texture, but I can feel the silicone in it and it makes it a bit slippery. Once applied to the face, there's a slight velvet finish feeling, but later on it's absorbed to the skin. Also, you only need a small amount of this to cover main areas of your face. I apply this on my inner cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, mainly focusing on forehead, nose, and cheeks.

Next, will be about the PERFORMANCE of this product. I've been using this for quite some time and at first I don't really notice the difference of using this primer and not using this primer. However, then I realize this product really does its job well. I have this one BB Cream that will make my face really oily even after only few hours. I used this primer beforehand and I can tell it really holds back the oil pretty good. Well, it's not until very matte, but it keeps the oil at the bay, just to give your face a natural glow, not really oily. It gives that natural matte finish for few hours, after 7-8 hours my face is oily already. So I would say I'm pretty satisfied with this product. But not for those who's expecting a total dead matte look, cause this primer will still give that slight hint of oil on your face.

Of course this primer's main job is to give matte finish look, so it doesn't really fill or cover up the pores that well, as well as the porefessional for example. Yes, I bought the sample size of the Benefit Porefessional and will do a review on it soon.

Also, it didn't disrupt my base makeup's color or anything, it also makes the application of the makeup really smooth. Been using it for a while and I haven't empty this bottle out. So, it's a recommended product!

[ This product was purchased by me ]