This post is not literally about northpole, the cold northpole, rather it's a dessert cafe that opened in the Pantai Indah Kapuk area and it's pretty famous. The interior of the cafe is also cute and very pleasing to the eye.

Came here with my friend a while ago when it's quite newly opened, which by now it's not so newly opened anymore of course. They have various type of desserts, as well as various flavors of ice cream such as thai tea, bubblegum, etc.

So, I got here on afternoon and thankfully I got table right away, and yes at that time Northpole was always crowded and some people had to queue to get a table. The cafe was separated into two, the inside and the outside. The inside part was a bit too narrow for my liking, while the outside is brighter and not as narrow as the inside. I like the outside seating area more, and with I'm saying it's outside doesn't mean it's not indoor.

When I came here, the one thing that I wanted to try was the Smoky Pan since it's everywhere in Instagram. So, I ordered that and also the Salted Caramel Creamy Pot.

Firstly, when the Smoky Pan arrived, I was a bit baffled actually. Looking at the size of it, it's pretty small actually compares to the pictures both in Instagram or the menu. Even each scoop is really small I would say. Good thing about it, the variety of the flavors. Mostly, I love the flavors and I only dislike two flavors or so I guess. You'll have six flavors, a cup of fruity pebbles and a cup of cookies.

Next the Salted Caramel Creamy Pot. I love this one much more than the Smoky Pan. This one is sweet but not too sweet, yet there's a hint of saltiness from the caramel. Love this one.

Overall, I like it here especially their Salted Caramel Cream Pot whereas for the Smoky Pan, I would say it's overpriced and overrated. It's small with a high price, so I would not want to buy this anymore, I'd rather buy something else.

Northpole Cafe
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok A No. 57, Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Phone: 021-29210357
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 12pm-10.30pm

[ Not Invited ]