REVIEW: Colourpop Lippie Stix #Button

This time I will be reviewing a lip product that has been quite popular in the make-up sphere for its beautiful colors and the low price. Yes, yes, you know it, it's the Colourpop Lippie Stix in the shade #Button.

I've been looking for a nude color lip product, well have been contemplating over few brands. Then, I came across the photo of the swatches of Colourpop Lippie Stix, and in that swatches, mostly are nude colors. I love all the colors and yeah of course I had some trouble in deciding which color I should buy.

Then, I just decided to buy the nude lip product from Colourpop first since the colors are so pretty and it's been highly raved about by everyone. I chose the shade #Button in the end, hoping that the color will look pretty in real life and suits my lips well also.

I bought it through an online shop at Instagram for around $9-$10 roughly. I still consider it pretty cheap though, even though I know in US the price is much cheaper than that. At last, the product has arrived in my house and I couldn't wait to try it soon, to test it out whether it's as good as what people said.

First of all, I will be talking about the packaging. The outer packaging is just a simply cardbox. Inside the cardbox, you'll see the lipstick and one paper. The paper itself is just an explanation of the types of the lipstick such as matte, satin, glossy, etc.

Still regarding the packaging but this time is the packaging of the actual lipstick. Lippie Stix is like a marker tube, so it's slim and not bulky. Very easy to carry around with, especially for travel. It's a white tube with the shade written on the bottom part along with the color of the lipstick on the bottom part. The cap is not a magnetic cap, but it's firm enough to carry around during traveling. 

Moving on to the lipstick itself, not the packaging. Once you open it, you can see the color of the lipstick is the same with the color on the packaging. However, something bugs me is the scent of the lipstick. It has quite a strong scent, sort of wax scent and to be truth, I don't really like the scent of it. The shape of the lipstick is slanted, easy to apply on your lips especially for the cupid bow area.

First, I will talk about the TEXTURE of the lipstick. This particular shade is in the satin finish. It's in between of matte and glossy/creamy, I would say. As I swatch this on my hand, I can feel that it glides on really well, almost to the creamy feeling but not so creamy. When it's applied on the lips, it doesn't tug on your lips, as it applies really smoothly and a bit creamy. Not drying on your lips, yet not that moisturizing anyway.

However, it settles into the fine lines unfortunately. Rather than absorbed to the lips or blend in with the lips, this lipstick is just like covering your lips, if you get what I mean. You can feel the heaviness of the product on your lips.

Next will be about the COLOR PAY-OFF. Lippie Stix particularly for this shade is very pigmented. One swipe is enough for the color to shows up. However, once applied, or as I swatched on my hand, the color is more on the pink side rather than neutral or with that slight brown undertone to it. It's a lot pinkier than I thought. Well, it's too pink for lips and my complexion unfortunately.

Lastly, about the LONGEVITY of the product. Once applied, it stays on your lips for 3-5 hours with occasionally drink. Once you eat or you keep on drinking with straw, it will fades away but you still have that hint of pink on your lips. So, for this price, the longevity of this product is not that bad I would say. However, once it fades, if you have dry lips then you won't like how it looks like. It clings onto your fine lines and it will be very apparent on the lips.

Overall, I don't like this lipstick unfortunately. Despite all the hypes on the internet, I can't find myself wearing this. First, the color itself doesn't suit me as it's too pink and it's too bright I would say. I thought it will be that pink nude color as I've seen on the internet. Second, the wax scent is too strong for my liking, makes it even look cheaper. Third, the texture and the finishing on my lips doesn't suit me. Maybe I would try the matte version with another color that suits me more.

[ This product was purchased by myself ]