REVIEW: Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in Red Blossom

I'm getting into lip product lately, since I've acquired some blushes already. As we all know, one of the beauty trend from Korea is the gradation lip. With a regular lipstick or any lip product, I would say it's hard to achieve the perfect gradation since you would need lots of blending and so on. Then Laneige released a lip product designated to achieve that perfect gradation look on the lip. I believe Laneige is not the first one to release this kind of product though (correct me if I'm wrong).

Bought it through my friend who studies there, so she'll bring it when she came back home. At that time, there was discount as well even though not that much but still I can get it cheaper. There are few shades on the range, from the pink color to orange color.

I was contemplating between the Red Blossom color and the Pink Salmon. Red Blossom is more to the pink tone while the Pink Salmon is more to a coral color. Since this will be my first time purchasing a lip product specifically for the gradation lip look, I want to have a product that's really showing the gradation well, that's why I ended up with Red Blossom, since the Pink Salmon doesn't have that apparent gradation look as much as the Red Blossom.

First of all, the PACKAGING. Just a simple hologram silver gray-ish box. With description on the product also the direction to use this product are all written on one of the side of the box. I think it's pretty convenient for them to provide how to apply this product correctly, even though it's in Korean language so not everyone can read them, which thankfully I'm able to read them.

As for the packaging of the lipstick tube itself, it's a simple white rectangular lipstick with a cap. I find the design is very sleek, neat, and not bulky even though its shape is rectangular.The unique feature of this product is that to dispense the lipstick, you have to slide down the button on the side of the lipstick. Therefore, Laneige has provided the instruction to release the lipstick, both in Korean and English. I personally like this feature, even though of course it's better to just twist it instead of sliding it down. I'm kind of afraid that I might break the button, then I can't dispense the lipstick anymore.

When I open the cap, my first impression of the actual lip product is that I love the color and I love how it's slanted. You can see clearly that it has two different colors, with the first one is the lighter color while the other is the darker one which meant to be applied on the inner lips.

As I've seen on the internet, the color is true to its picture which shown on the the site as well as the box itself. The lighter color is beige pink I would say, perfect for the nude color on the outer edge, while the darker color is pink a bit more to magenta I would say.

Moving on to the TEXTURE of the lipstick. When I swatched this on my hand, I can sense that this lipstick is pretty moisturizing and won't drying my lips too much. It glides on smoothly and indeed, it creates the perfect gradation. When I apply it on my lips later, it's moisturizing but not to the extent that it's really creamy but it's moisturizing enough. Glides on easily on the lips and easy to blend.

Next will be about the COLOR PAY-OFF. It's evident on the swatch above and below that the color pay-off is really good, especially the darker color. With only one swipe, the darker color can be seen vividly whereas for the lighter color, despite its nude color, you still able to see the color on the swatch which indicates that it has a great color pay-off.

Lastly will be about the PERFORMANCE and LONGEVITY of the lipstick. The Two Tone Lip Bar has pretty decent longevity, it lasts quite long. When you drink or eat, sometimes it will disappear or it will left a subtle pink stain on the lips. Once you applied for the second time, the color will be much more vivid and will last longer than before.

What I like about this lip product also that it didn't really cling to the fine lines or make my lips really dry and have chapped lips afterward. I hate when lipstick do that to my lipstick.

Overall, I love this lipstick. My hands been going for this lipstick every now and then lately. It's easy to use, it's a foolproof for anyone who wants to have that gradient lip look. It looks natural, it blends easily also. The color is not that bright pink which I don't really like, as the color suits my complexion well. Very recommended!

[ This product was purchased by me ]