REVIEW: Make Up Store Aqua Cooling Powder

Having an oily skin, it's always necessary for me to finish my make-up with powder just to mattify my face since later on my face will have that glowy look by itself, so I prefer to finish my look with matte finish. Not to forget that I live in a hot tropical humid country called Indonesia, my face tends to get hot and of course oily.

Then I came across on a photo on Instagram with this particular product called Aqua Cooling Powder by Make Up Store. That user also mentioned that this product is good since once you apply it, you will have that cooling sensation on your face. I was intrigued by it right away and found out more about it.

I bought this product at Luxola when this product is on sale for 50% which was a very good deal. So I decided to buy it. The price was around IDR 200.000 to less than IDR 300.000 as I recall. As the original price on the site was around IDR 500.000 and yes I find it expensive at that time.

Moving on to the PACKAGING of the product. It's a round plastic case as usual for a loose powder. It's not too big and bulky though. The case itself it's pretty simple and sleek with the black cap and the transparent body. On the bottom side of the case, listed all the descriptions about this product and ways to use this product, which is quite informative and helpful.

As you open the cap, you'll find it inside there's a brush and another lid to separate the cap to the actual product, also it's to store the brush in. It's quite handy since the brush itself will be inside the product, so there will be no fuss of carrying around the brush and making it dirty. Also for the product to stay in put the case and make it more hygienic. 

The brush provided inside is surprisingly pretty soft and not scratchy. Since usually any type of brush that's included in a product is rough and pretty scratchy, but this one not. I'm pretty satisfied with the brush and I've been using this product with this brush as well.

Once you open the inner lid, expect tons of powder will fly around and make a mess. I was a bit surprised to see that the powder's color is soft peachy pink. Also the amount of the powder is only half a bit more of the case, which quite disappointing for me.

I would say the packaging is okay but seriously, you need to be extra careful and gentle when you're trying to open the inner lid because if not, the product will fly around and that would be a waste. So, i don't think this will be travel friendly at all. I won't bring this product when I'm going for traveling at all.

Next will be about the TEXTURE and the color of the product. As I've mentioned before, the powder's color is a peachy pink and it's quite finely milled and very soft. The color of the powder as we see is peachy pink, however when you apply it, it turns into a translucent powder, well there's a bit of a white color there but more to a translucent once you blended and not applying it thickly as I did on my finger.

Moving on to the APPLICATION and the PERFORMANCE of the product. Firstly, this product is pretty finely milled but not as fine as Make Up For Ever's HD Translucent Powder in my opinion, yet this powder is very soft when you touch it. I apply this powder unto my face simply by dipping in one of the side of the brush provided, tap off the excess (inside the powder case of course to not waste any of the product) then swipe it softly unto my face.

This product claims to have that cooling sensation once applied. Well, indeed. It has that cooling sensation even though only lasts for few seconds but it's good already I would say. However, rather than cooling, it's more of a wet feeling as well. It's like the powder melts to your skin and therefore it results in instant cooling sensation during application only.

In terms of the cooling performance, this product stay true to its claim. Don't expect the cooling sensation to last all day or few hours, since this product only provides that cooling sensation during application only.

This powder, thankfully, does not make my face look cakey after applying this. I thought it will look cakey since it sort of melts and turns into water. The downside though, it's not the most invisible powder as it will make your face look a bit powdery afterward.

Once applied, it also eliminates all the shines on my face and sort of mattifying it, which is great for an oily face like mine.

Overall, I like this product and I like how it can gives me that cooling sensation while not making my face look cakey. Will I repurchase this? Hmm, I don't think so. Unless it's on sale for half price again, I might buy it again. Also I want to try other powder as well.

The Ups of this Product:
  • Gives your skin a cooling sensation
  • Not cakey
  • Finely milled

The Downs of this Product:
  • Not travel-friendly
  • Have to be extra gentle and careful when opening the lid to avoid the powder from flying around and wasting tons of product
  • Pretty expensive
  • Powdery finish on your face

[ This product was purchased by me ]