REVIEW: Maquillage Dramatic Mood Veil Blush #RD100

I cannot stress anymore on how much I love blush products. I heard this one particular Japanese brand about its blush, and how great that blush is. That brand is Maquillage and turns out it's one of the subsidiary of Shiseido. Once I knew it's one of the subsidiary of Shiseido, I believe that this brand is a good one considering Shiseido is a famous and great brand.

This blush is called Dramatic Mood Veil and it has two shades only. The first shade is more of a pinkish tone while the second one is more to a coral tone. Of course I chose the coral one (RD100) since coral suits me better.

This product retails at ¥3780 JPY or around USD40 and I bought it when I was in Japan, so lucky me! I know I had to buy this once I had the chance to visit Japan, so when I went to Japan last April and I found this blush, I didn't hesitate at all in buying this blush.

Moving on to the review, firstly will be about the PACKAGING of the product. First of all, will be reviewing the box that covered the actual product. Of course it's in Japanese which I don't understand at all, but there's the instruction of using the blush at the backside of the box. Of course, you can just swirl all the colors altogether, but there's also a specific way in using it which quite useful of course.

Now for the packaging of the product itself which is the blush. It's quite bulky I would say since it has a space for the brush inside. It's a square hard plastic box, well it's not a glass but the good thing about it is that it won't shattered if I drop it, well it might get dent or a chunk of it get broken and fell off but better than totally shattered. The top part of the case when it's closed has the pattern of mosaic and it's reflective, which looks pretty classy.

I love how they provide a brush inside, so it makes my life even easier if I were to carry this around in my bag as I do not need another brush to apply this blush, with additional point to its separate case for the brush so it won't get all dirty. Not to forget the mirror inside the case.

I will discuss a bit about the brush that was included with the blush product. As usual though from Japanese brush, even though it's merely just a small brush to be included inside a blush product, they still managed to make it great. It's really soft and picks up the product really well, also blends the product really well when applied on the skin.

It also has a sponge on the other end of the brush and it's also soft and squishy. Not really sure how to use the sponge in this case though, maybe to dab over a certain color onto the skin to make it even more vivid. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the brush as it's soft and not scratchy.

Next, I will be talking about the COLOR and the PAYOFF of the product. Can be seen on the pictures that the blush is divided into 5 sections; top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, and center. The right side of the blush has shimmer in it whereas the left side there's hardly any shimmer to it.

Top Left (1): white-pinkish
Top Right (2): pink with orange undertone, more of a coral
Bottom Left (3): soft yellow-orange
Bottom Right (4): warm copper
Center (5): pink with brown undertone, also a bit touch of coral

Set of photos coming up next will be the swatches to see the color payoff of this blush. Just by looking at it without swatching it at first, I fell in love already with the colors. Those colors are pretty on their own but I'm quite sure it's also pretty when all of them are blended together.

When I swatch this, the color is not that apparent on my hand with one swipe. It's subtle during swatch but when I apply this on my cheek with all colors combined, the color is subtle but it's there and it gives me a good color on my cheek. Thus, I kinda heavy swatch this for the color to show up on the photo. The last photo also how the color looks like under the bright sunlight.

When applied, the colors definitely look more subtle than in the pan but still those colors look gorgeous anyway and when the five of them are mixed, it creates a subtle coral flush.

Moving on to the next topic which is the TEXTURE and APPLICATION of this product. As can be seen on the pan, it does look really smooth and buttery. When I swatch this with my fingers, it feels really smooth and buttery on my fingers.

Applied smoothly on the cheek as well and the shimmer is not too extravagant and overwhelming, just the right amount of shimmer. There's no fallout also so far I'm using this product.

Lastly will be about the PERFORMANCE of this blush. I would say the performance of this blush is really great. Rather than creating a vivid and strong color on one swipe, this blush creates a soft flush with one swipe. The color gets stronger with more swipes, in my experience with this product, three swipes are enough to create a vivid color on the cheek.

The longevity of this blush is quite remarkable as well. If you just apply one swipe of this to the cheek, it probably lasts around 3 hours. However, if this blush applied quite heavily as I have said before which around 3 swipes, it will lasts around 5 hours or so. With the following hours, it will leave a subtle flush on the cheek as if your cheek is flushing for real without artificial color on the cheek.

Well, with any way this blush applied, whether it's heavily or not, it will make a lovely soft flush on your cheek as if your cheek is flushing for real. It's the perfect go-to blush for daily if you want that natural color on the cheek. Okay, it's perfect for special occasion as well. However, up to this day, I have yet to try applying this blush as in accordance with the instruction though. I usually just mix all the colors.

OVERALL, I really love this product! Totally recommended for you to buy this blush. Well, the good things I love about this product are pretty colors with micro shimmer, subtle colors yet still beautiful, brush is already included, and it's refillable! While the downside of this product will be it's too bulky too carry around on daily basis. Despite its bulky case, I still recommend this product and totally in love with this product!

[ This product was purchased by me ]