September Empties

I know the title says it's September even though it's mid October already now. The more reason for me to not make it into October Empties though since it's only mid October, so it will be more make sense for me to put the title as September Empties.

On a side note, this is my first empties post and will make sure to post another empties post once I have emptied out few products in the future. It's hard for me to actually emptied out a product, usually they last pretty long in my hand. Also, in terms of skincare, I usually not the type of person who constantly changing my skincare product and trying out new products. I mostly stick to one product for God knows when. Lately though, I've been bracing myself to actually trying out some new products regularly, not too fast though. Also in order to find that perfect skincare product for my skin.

So, in this post today I will show my three empty products. Two of them are skincare while the other one is a make-up product.

The products are, Bioderma Sensibio H20, Shu Uemura Porefinist Cleansing Oil, and lastly Revlon Lip Liner in Rose. it's my first time trying all these product so I was thinking I should probably make this post and give my quick thoughts about these products. I won't give an in-depth review, rather a quick one and to-the-point review.

Firstly, I will be reviewing Bioderma Sensibio H20 real quick. This is my first time using this despite all the raves about this product. I was hesitant to buy this product since I usually use a double-duty cleanser (Philosophy Cleanser) as it removes my make-up also washes my face really good. However, as I began to grow interest in skincare and trying out products, I decided to buy this product. It is not cheap of course, so that's also another reason why I was hesitant in buying this before.

It's a clear micellar water with no strong scent that bugs me out and people often say this is their number one holy grail for removing make-up. I use a round cotton pad and just simply pour this into the cotton pad, but not until very soaked, just enough amount of it (I don't want to waste it). One swipe to my face, I can see the foundation and other products have been swept off my face. Still, I have to wipe my face twice to clean my face. I would say it's really good since I don't need to wipe my face three times or four times, in just two times, this product manage to take off my make-up.

Another thing I love about this product, it doesn't irritate my face or my eyes. Also, when I'm done removing my make-up with this, I have this bright effect and glowy effect on my face. No kidding, it's kinda brightened up my face in a way.

Overall, I'm in love with this product! Totally recommended!

Second product will be the Shu Uemura Porefinist Cleansing Oil. So, I bought this at the airport and they have special product only available at the airport which is it's inclusive of one full size of the Porefinist cleansing oil and one travel size bottle (100ml) of the same product. Since it's my first time trying out this kind of product, so I decided to use the travel size bottle first.

I pour few drops of this on my dry palm then warm it up by rubbing both my palms together then start massaging it on my dry face. Once I rub it for a while, as I massaging my face, I wet my hands then start massaging my face again to lather up the oil.

After I wash it, it still has this a bit of greasy feeling, not the squeaky clean feeling. Well, the good point of this product is that it really cleans my face really well, however as I keep using this, my face somehow gotten duller and there are some small bumps showing up on my face. So, once I finished this, I don't use the full size one, I sold it.

Lastly, the Revlon Lip Liner in the shade Rose. I usually never use lip liner until one day I decided that I really do need a lip liner. Well, I just bought this without much thought since I can get this product easily. Also, I love this color as it's a brownish pink, also quite nude for my lips.

It glides on smoothly on my lips, and it has sort of matte finish but not too drying on my lips. It covers the dark area on my lips quite well. Even if I apply another lipstick or lip tint on top of it, it still applies smoothly on top of this lip liner.

Overall, I like this lip liner but it's not like it's really awesome. Still, for those who's looking for a good drugstore lip liner, this might be just for you.

That's about it of my empties post, I will post another empties post once I have several empty products and will give a quick review of them. Thank you for reading!

[ This product was purchased by me ]