Etude House Fall 2015 Haul

First of all, sorry for the MIA since I went to Singapore last week and been sick ever since. Without further do, let's get on to the beauty post. In my country, Indonesia, Etude House opened its outlet since few years ago already when I was in university even. Ever since I got caught up in make-up, and I know more about it, I never buy Etude House makeup products right in the counter, just because it was way too expensive and I know the original price in Korea is not that expensive since Etude House is considered to be 'drugstore makeup' or rather it's called 'roadstreet makeup' if I'm not mistaken. Even those online shops on Instagram sell it much much cheaper than the counter in Indonesia.

Then, few days ago, I saw they were having a 50% sale on almost all items except the hair products and I forgot what else. So, I thought if the price is not that different with the price on the online shops, I might as well buy it.

At first, I was planning to buy the nail polish products since I never buy that kind of product off from online shops. Then I got too excited while doing some shopping, so I ended up bought few more products. Well, half of them are gifts I acquired for spending over IDR 100.000 though.

The things that I bought are those two nail polishes, nail remover, Tint My Brows, and Proof10 Liquid Liner. As for the masks, hair band, and the hair coloring product are gifts that I got. Will talk about each product more below, might not reviewing it much in this post since I haven't try some of the product and as I will make a separate specific review for each product.

First of all will talk about the mask. So, when I paid, they gave me two sheet masks. Since the total of my payment is over IDR 100.000, they gave me like a coupon to be exchanged for a goodie bag. Inside the goodie bag, there are several others of sheet masks. So I got in total 7 sheet masks. Loves it. Got the Royal Jelly Mask three pieces and got other various types of sheet masks with different benefits.

As for the hair band, at first before I went inside the store to shop, they had table outside and with a notice board which said you'll get this if you follow Etude House Indonesia's official instagram. So I just followed their instagram and I got this. It's a pretty good quality hair band.

Then I bought the nail polish. I've been wanting to have white nail polish. Taking advantage of the sale, I bought the white color right away. Bought it only IDR 40.000 or it's around $3-$4. I've been using Etude House's nail polish for quite a while and I pretty like it with the result of it. The other color is pink brown color and when I tried it, I like the color so I bought it as well.

Next, will be the nail remover. Been using this nail remover for a while as this is my fourth bottle already if I'm not mistaken. Not too expensive and it does the job in removing nail polish really well, I would say.

Moving on, next items I bought are eyebrow tint and liquid eyeliner. I used to have an eyebrow pencil with dual ended, whereas the other end was a liquid type to draw a crisp line for the end of our eyebrow. Since, I'm running out of that liquid eyebrow tint, I decided to buy this eyebrow tint and I have yet to try it until today. Will do a specific review later on a separate post of course. As for the liquid eyeliner, I always buy liquid eyeliner because I always used up my eyeliner pretty quick and it has special price as well for around IDR 78.000 which is around $7 and I chose it in black. Its texture is very similar to Make Up For Ever liquid eyeliner.

Lastly, the gift I got from the goodie bag is the hair coloring product which I will never use anyway. Furthermore, it's in gold blonde color. Well, I can't use it since I have an allergy to hair coloring product. Sigh. So my hair will stuck with this brown-black natural color for the rest of my life.

Well, that's it for my Etude House Fall 2015 Haul and will do separate review on each product, well only for the eyeliner and eyebrow tint. Stay tune to those post in the future!

[ These products was purchased by me and some are gifts  ]