REVIEW: Aritaum Mono Eyes #82-Everyday

I'm trying out to buy a single eyeshadow after purchased an eyeshadow palette. Well, for this one I had to ask for a help from my friend who lived in South Korea to buy it for me and bring it to me when she went back to Indonesia. I simply asked her for any color that's pink-coral instead of brown.

She chose this one for me from Aritaum and she also gave me one more from Etude which has darker color than this, so the two of them are such a perfect combination.

Aritaum is also famous for its single eyeshadow which called Aritaum Mono Eyes, and for today I will be reviewing the Aritaum Mono Eyes in the shade #82 Everyday and this eyeshadow retails for KRW 5.000 each, such a stealer right! Not to forget that this line has various shades!

Firstly about the PACKAGING of the product. Just like any other single eyeshadow, Aritaum Mono Eyes comes in black simple round packaging, which similar to MAC single eyeshadow. Their eyeshadow also able to be removed from its case, in case you want to move it into an eyeshadow pan to make into a palette. The lid is not hard to open, which I like, but still sturdy.

Moving on to the COLOR/PAYOFF of this product. On the pan it looks like warm tone soft pink cashmere and to be honest I like this kind of color. It's soft and cashmere-like, maybe that's why I call it pink cashmere somehow. It's really great for the base eyeshadow.

When I swatched this eyeshadow, it came out a bit lighter than the color as seen on the pan. Still, a warm tone soft pink cashmere just a bit lighter now. The color is still pretty nevertheless, again, perfect for base eyeshadow, for the entire lid.

Moving on to the TEXTURE and APPLICATION of this product. When my finger swiped this product, I can feel that this eyeshadow is really buttery and smooth. Totally love the texture and not to forget that it's pigmented as well even though as I have mentioned before that it came out a bit lighter than it is on the pan.

When applied on the eyelid, I would suggest to use eye primer to really bring out the color as this particular shade has soft color.

OVERALL, it's a really great eyeshadow with a great price on top of that. Great color, great texture, great pigmentation, and applied smoothly on the eyelid. Maybe the downside of this product is that it would be great to notch up some more of its pigmentation. However, I will buy this eyeshadow (maybe in a different shade) more in the future. Recommended!

[ This product was purchased by me ]