Why Do I Start Blogging?

Why do I start blogging? To begin with, I have started blogging since I was in university which was around 3 years ago. As I was still finding my blog niche and the way to blog in the right away,I often revamped my blog and such. Then I moved to this blog where I finally found my blog niche and had the grasp on how to blog in the right way, even though obviously I'm still learning.

Even with this current blog, I had revamped it once or twice if I'm not mistaken. Hopefully, no more revamping my blog now. I'm still trying to do this blogging thing really well as I'm still learning from the other bloggers who often share tips on blogging, and also just to read blogger's post to have the idea of what a good writing is.

What makes me start blogging? In my country, blogging used to be not as big as now, not to mention still pretty pure from all those endorsements and sponsorship which I had nothing against with (it's just nowadays it's almost everything sponsored and endorsed without actually explicitly mentioning that it's endorsed or sponsored). I have started playing around with blog since back then. Just simply telling how was my day, or sharing my favorite food or restaurant. Of course, with a not so high quality photos.

I have always find delight in writing (of course doesn't mean I'm really good at it) and sharing. I love to share a good product, delicious food, or simply good music which I haven't had the chance to actually post about music recommendation.

That is why I started this blog, particularly in the beauty regime, as I really love to share to the other people about a great makeup product and maybe also great tips and trick on makeup. Even my friends around me always ask me when it comes to beauty product, so I decided why not to share it with the whole world about great products that they might not know.

Also, as a fan of makeup myself, it's really important to read reviews before purchasing product and sometimes for a certain product, there's hardly any review on it on the internet. So, I decided to make reviews as well to help other people when they're about to purchase that product.

Last reason would be it's nice to communicate with people around the world, and of course it's nice when people actually read your post and comment it. It feels like you're being appreciated :)

For those who wants to start blogging, start now and don't hesitate! You'll find amazing things along your way, as I'm still finding those amazing things as well since I just started this.

So, what about you? What are your reasons to start blogging?

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  1. Yola! Finally stumbled upon your blog and reading it. You're good at writing! And by the way very nice and clean blog layout. Any chance you want to work in the magazine? :P

    1. Hi Mala! Aww thank you so much, still learning of course to be better hihi. Thank you! It's quite hard to find nice and clean blog layout (the one that's free lol) thankfully found one yeay! Hahaha thank you for the offer hihi maybe ok if it's like freelance or something :p thank you for the comment! xx