REVIEW: Innisfree Mineral Perfect Concealer #Natural Beige

Concealer oh concealer, how important it is right? Well, except for people with flawless skin of course. When it comes to concealer, I have always used liquid concealer, never tried stick concealer or cream concealer. 

Then I saw Innisfree Mineral Perfect Concealer and its price is not that expensive either, which retails at 10.000WON or around $10. So, I decided to try it. Again, I ask for my friend's help who studies in South Korea to buy it first for me then bring it to me when she's going home to Indonesia.

Firstly, the PACKAGING of the product. When it comes to Innisfree, one thing came to my mind every time I bought their product is they always use eco-friendly box. They even use soy-print! In the box, it has directions to use this concealer and also other information in Korean, which mainly talking about how eco-friendly Innisfree is and how they use natural ingredients with the 5-free policy.

Then to the packaging of the actual concealer. Since this is a cream concealer, its packaging is just like any other cream concealer, which is in a small round jar with white lid on top. Love how simple the packaging is and obviously, very travel-friendly. The jar itself is pretty sturdy though.

Moving on to the COLOR/PAYOOFF of this concealer. For this concealer, I bought the Natural Beige shade which is the darkest shade among two shades. I have always picked a lighter concealer, and I don't have any concealer that matches my skin tone. So, I bought this in the color that matches my skin tone pretty well.

On the pan, the color looks a tad bit lighter than what I had in mind, and it has warm undertone with a hint of orange tone to it.

When I swatch it, on my hand it looks lighter but when I apply it on my face, it blends to my skin tone really well. This shade matches my skin tone perfectly, well a tiny bit lighter than my skin tone, but it's a good thing. Definitely, this has warm undertone to it and more to beige-yellow kind-of color.

Next, the TEXTURE and APPLICATION of this concealer. As expected from a cream concealer, its texture is creamy and quite thick. Not so creamy and thick that it will make the make-up look cakey and very thick. Its creamy consistency is quite good I would say. I like how it's not that thick during application.

Then, time to talk about the PERFORMANCE of this product. Usually cream concealer is not meant for the undereye area. However, I tried it anyway. Surprisingly, it's good for the undereye! It's not too thick that it makes my make-up look cakey, well it creases a bit but you can set it with powder and touch up once in a while. Not to forget, since it has slight orange tone to it, somehow it conceals my dark circles (well, since my dark circle is pretty severe, it only conceals parts of it). It has light to medium coverage for concealing the dark circles.

As for concealing blemishes and other flaws on the face, it does quite a good job but again it only has light to medium coverage unfortunately. Though, it's buildable without making it look cakey and very thick, which I like about it.

Overall, I like this product but not to the extent I love it. Considering its low price, I would say this product does its job pretty good. Yes, it has light to medium coverage only, but it's the catch for its low price right. Also, it's not very thick and drying. It doesn't make your make-up look cakey, unless you apply tons of it of course, but this product is still buildable.

That's all for this post, tell me if you own this product as well and what are your thoughts on this product?

[ This product was purchased by myself ]