REVIEW: SKII Facial Essence

For the last two to three years, I would say my skin is quite good even though lately my skin has been acting up again. Back then, my skin was not as good as now or the last few years. I had tiny bumps on my forehead and my skin felt rough and not smooth, oh not to forget the dullness of my skin. I never had any problem with big acnes though, usually only have one or two acne and that's only when I'm about to have my period. Other than that, I only have small bumps on my forehead and it's ugly, not to forget my dull-looking and rough skin (not that rough thankfully).

I've heard before about the amazingness of SKII's essence and the price of it too of course so I held back the thought of trying it. Then, I had enough of my dull skin and its roughness, well alongside with my sister too, so I braced myself to try it.

After few weeks trying it out, now I know why it's so famous cause it did its job really well! I used another product to deal with my tiny bumps though so when I'm using SKII Essence, my tiny bumps were cleared up quite well already. So for the other problems such as dullness and roughness, it sure did cleared up those problems, slowly but sure.

Usually the bottle has no design on it, but this one is a limited edition. As far as I know there are 4 designs, and I have the rose one here with me. I would love to get the yellow one as well.

Moving on to the review, first of all the PACKAGING of the product. The packaging of SKII Essence has always been the same. Just a regular glass bottle, it's pretty heavy though. It has dove finishing on the bottle, and of course with this special edition there's a drawing on it. So pretty. For traveling purpose, it's slightly heavy to be travelled around with and slightly fragile as well, considering this is a glass bottle. However, as long as I'm travelling and I always carry this in my bag, it has never once broken or shattered. So, it's pretty sturdy as long as you handle it with care.

Next will be about the CONSISTENCY and APPLICATION. SKII Facial Treatment Essence's consistency is very water-like, even it looks like water in terms of color and very lightweight once applied. Absorbed to the skin immediately. As for application, you can applied this while you soak the cotton pad with the essence then swipe it all over your face, or like me, just pour few drops to your hand and you use the other hand to dab some of the product to your face.

I don't want to waste any drop of this expensive essence into a cotton pad, so I'm using my own hand to apply this to my face. Then the remaining on my palm, I'll just pat it on my neck.

Next will be about the PERFORMANCE of the product. SKII Facial Treatment Essence is very well-known for its great and satisfying performance. When I first tried this, I hoped this would work out really well, yet part of me also anxious that it won't work well as much as what people had said.

Well, the essence worked wonders on my skin. You can see the improvements each week. I can feel my skin is getting smoother, brighter, and just overall great. I fell in love right away with this product, and this product became my staple skincare and my must-have skincare.

Of course its performance will be better when combined with other great products as well to complement each other well. If you use a bad moisturiser, then the essence won't be performed as well as if you use a better moisturiser for example.

I have been using this for few years already now and it maintained my face pretty well right now. All I have to do now just to find a great combination of skincare to maximise the performance.

Overall, I love this essence and I can see why it's really famous. It's working well on me and I'm satisfied with it. I don't think I can ever let go of this product though, but maybe try to let it go once in a while as I try other product.

What I dislike about this essence are its funky smell and its price. That's all. The smell can be really overwhelm at first, well even up until now I still not really used to its smell.

That's all for the review this time. What about you guys, have you tried this essence? Or maybe you have another suggestion of great essence?

[ This product was purchased by me ]



  1. Hi! I've also been struggling with these tiny colour less bumps on my forehead. While they can only be seen up close, it's really annoying cos it looks horrible under some lighting. May I know which products helped you get rid of the tiny bumps? Thank you!! :)

    1. Hello there, thank you for leaving a comment! :)
      I know right how annoying that tiny bumps on the forehead. One product that I really remember for helping a lot in clearing up the bumps is the Philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-aging Retinoid Pads and Solution
      The price is quite on the expensive side but it's worth it, since you don't need to buy it over and over again when you used it all up. The Sephora SA told me if we finished up one bottle, you have to wait for a month or two months to continue using it, if you find it necessary. I didn't find it necessary back then since all my tiny bumps are clearing up.
      Or you can try DHC Spot Therapy, but this product works best to eliminate pimples, as for tiny bumps it's quite a bit of helping but it takes a while.
      I hope it helps and your tiny bumps are clearing out soon!

  2. Hellooooo. Thank you for your reply & recommendation! I'd be sure to pick up the retinoid pads at Sephora soon. May I know how do you fit in the retinoid pads in your skincare regime, does it act as a toner? I'm currently using Pixi Glow Tonic (which I had hoped would remove the tiny bumps but unfortunately not)

    1. Hello! You are very welcome :) Hopefully that product suits you really well and really improve your skin! I fit that product after cleansing and before my moisturizer. As I read other blogger's reviews, it also said before your serum. But for that, I'm not so sure, perhaps you want to double check with Sephora's SA later on :) since back then when I'm using that product, I didn't use serum.
      Uh sorry to hear that Pixi didn't remove the tiny bumps :(
      Oh having fringe also affect your tiny bumps as it can be the cause of those tiny bumps, so if you have fringe, make sure to let your fringe up when you're home and to clean it thoroughly :)