REVIEW: Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge #5

Sorry for being MIA lately, I'm back with another product review post. As I have mentioned before in my older post, recently I have been caught up with lip products. The product that I'm going to review today is another lip product, lip tint to be exact. My best friend gave me this lip tint and I love it right away.

The product I'm going to review is Vivid Tint Rouge by Innisfree in the shade #5 - Summer Sunlight Red. I have always used coral colors, or anything that's soft and not too red. When my best friend gave me this color, I was a bit worried that I won't use this product much, turned out later on I was wrong.

First of all, as usual, I'm going to talk about the PACKAGING. Just like any other lip tint product, it's in a small bottle packaging and I love the texture of the bottle. It's sort of matte and dove-like kind of feeling. Love the simple and sleek packaging, no fuss and not bulky.

As for the applicator wand, it's a sponge applicator. The sponge itself is pretty thick but short, it's comfortable when applied on the lips. However, it brought lots of product in it, so when you swap it on your lips, you have to be careful to not apply it too much. I can't blend it with the sponge applicator since it will apply more product onto my lips.

Moving on, next I will be talking about the COLOR PAYOFF and TEXTURE of the lip tint. On the applicator, the color is pink red with cool undertone, I would say. Here below are my swatches of the lip tint. The color is the same as what you see in the applicator.

With only one swipe, the color payoff is really great and quite thick. As for the texture on the first swap, it's quite watery but a bit sticky. It blends easily as well, once it's blended, you can see from the photo below that it's pretty moisturizing. When I tried it, it's pretty moisturizing as well on my lips which later then become a bit dry without accentuating the fine lines on my lips.

Finally, the PERFORMANCE/LONGEVITY of the lip tint. When applied on the lips, I love how it's pretty moisturizing and later become dry but not clinging onto my fine lines and make my lips looked chapped. I usually only need to make a three dot on my lips then blend with my fingers, and I'll get a pretty vivid color already, without being too red.

It also lasts pretty long though. Especially when you re-applied it for the second time, afterward it will stay on your lips pretty long. Love this product.

Overall, I love this product and I don't really have anything to hate on this product though. I recommend this to everyone. I love that it doesn't feel sticky and it lasts pretty long. Any of you have tried this lip tint? What do you think about this lip tint, do you like it as much as I do? Tell me on the comment below!

[ This product was given by my friend ]