REVIEW: NYX Slim Lip Liner in Nude Pink

As I'm gaining lots of interest in lip product nowadays, I can't help but to start notice a lot of my lips. My lips are dark to begin with, especially on the edge of it. Well, that's mainly because I often got allergic reaction to several lip products and that allergic reaction is itchiness and very tiny bumps on the edge of the lips, also it gets quite red purple-ish. Perhaps, that's how my lips got darken over time. That's how I started to realise how important a lip liner is.

I'm beginning to look at certain lip liners, some of them are too expensive for my liking though since it's just a lip liner and it will run out pretty fast, but maybe soon I will change my mind and start trying a high-end brand for my lip liner.

This time I'm trying NYX Slim Lip Liner in Nude Pink. I'm choosing the color that's nude but not too brown, with a little bit touch of pink. So, I thought this color will be perfect for me. As usual there's the desc

Firstly, will be talking about the PACKAGING of the product. Just like the other most lip liner, this one is also has that slim and pencil-like appearance. Well, it is a pencil though. This particular lip liner is the one that you have to sharpen it, not retractable one. That's quite a downside for me actually.

Moving on, to the COLOR PAYOFF, I swatch it quite heavily on my arm. First of all, I love the color, even though it's a bit too pink for me. It's the perfect nude for my base and to outline my lip as the outer-line of my lips is a bit dark. When I apply it on my lips, it covers my dark lines quite well and suits my lip color quite well, but it's not the best color.

Lastly, about the TEXTURE of the product. As you can see from the close-up in the photo below, the texture of the lip liner is a bit thick and drying. When I apply it on my lips, it tugs my lips when I swipe it to my lips. As the time goes by, my lips become dry and the lip liner accentuate my lip lines. How unfortunate that this lip liner is so drying and has this wax-feeling to it.

Overall, I don't like NYX Lip Liner. Color-wise, it's okay but the texture, nah for me. Also the efficient of the product, I have to sharpen it now and then, to be truth, I'm such a lazy girl to do it. I want it to be retractable. Unfortunately, I won't buy this lip liner again in the future, even I don't think I will use it anymore.

That's all for the review today. Hope it's useful for you and have you guys tried this lip liner before? If you have, please share your experience in the comment section below! See you guys soon!

[ This product was purchased by me ]