REVIEW: Lamica Tapered Highlight Brush

I'm a bit picky when it comes to choosing brush for my face. I usually buy Real Techniques since it's affordable yet it's soft and not scratchy, also Japanese brands. Then I came across this local brand called Lamica from Indonesia. I heard positive reviews about it and I'm looking for a powder brush, not too big like my Real Techniques Powder Brush, since I'm going to use it to set my makeup with setting powder, so I need a powder brush that's not too big and fluffy soft.

Lamica has powder brush but I think it's still too big and too dense to set my face. So I opted for their Tapered Highlight Brush (IDR 95.000). It's small and fluffy, let's just hope it's soft. So, I bought it from Sociolla since I have voucher on that site, so I wanted to use that voucher to buy this brush.

First of all, let's talk about the PACKAGING of the product. When it first came on my doorstep, the brush was inside a plastic box, stood upright in the middle of the box. As for the explanations of the brush are all written on the sides of the box.

So, the brush is made from natural goat hair which is perfect for powder, as I'm planning to use it with setting powder. The brush itself is the size that I was looking for. The length of the handle is also right for me, not too long and not too short. My hand grips on the handle perfectly. I love the color black and pink for the brush. As for the bristle itself, I like how fluffy it is but not too dense.

Then moving on to the APPLICATION of the product. When I try to swipe this brush over my face without powder on, it's soft! To be honest, I was surprised that a local-brand brush have managed to product a brush with soft bristles and not scratchy. Of course, not guarantee the other type of brush from Lamica is also soft and not scratchy.

It picks up the powder really well without taking it too much. One bad thing about this product, it sheds a little bit. Nothing to extreme, just one bristle at a time. So far, the brush have shed 5 bristles. I know, it's not much but still it irks me. It doesn't bled also, thankfully, as I wash this brush for the first time prior to using it.

Overall, I like this brush! Really, I'm surprised with the quality of this brush. It's soft, not scratchy, and it's fluffy. Oh, it's pretty affordable also. The downside of this product is only that it sheds a little bit, nothing extreme, so it's still tolerable. I'm recommending this particular brush; Tapered Highlight Brush by Lamica if you're looking for a brush to apply highlighter on top of your cheek, or to set your makeup with setting powder, or even blush.

That's all for now, hope you enjoy my review and find it useful. See you soon! 

[ This product was purchased by me ]