REVIEW: Aritaum Jelly Bar Lipstick in #Peach Lady

Being an avid fan of lip products now, I just had to grab this new product when it's first released. Asked my friend who's going back to Indonesia from South Korea to buy this first for me. As usual, I was contemplating which color I should get this time, but then I decided to opt for their coral shade called Peach Lady.

PACKAGING wise, this product just like any other lipstick. I like how simple and sleek this is though. The cap's color followed the shade of the lipstick, so mine is pink coral. The twist is easy and up until now has not broken yet, which is very good. The packaging itself doesn't make the lipstick melt off like 3CE's lipstick, probably because it's black whereas this one is not black.

Moving on, the COLOR/PAYOFF of this product is really good. When I swatch it once, the color payoff is really good and its color is vivid. The color is pretty similar to the cap. Pink coral with warm undertone, and it's quite a bright color.

Lastly about the PERFORMANCE of the product. I find it really moisturizing on the lips without being too sticky on the lips and it gives the right amount of shine to your lips. It's not really long-lasting considering it's quite moisturizing, however when you reapplied this for the second time or third time, it will leave coral color on your lips and it will make your lips look like it's pink coral naturally. It looks pretty and natural.

Overall, I'm liking this lipstick. It makes your lips looks pink coral naturally and it's moisturizing on the lips as well. The color is not too bright but still pretty on your lips. It's recommended! Tell me what you think about this product if you already have this on your beauty stash.

[ this product was purchased by myself ]