REVIEW: Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation #Golden

I was really into matte foundation as I have oily skin, but of course I don't like if it's too matte that it accentuates fine lines or creates dry patches on my face. Had some research to find a really good foundation for oily skin, then I came across to Hourglass' Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation and I heard so much rave about this product.

So when I was traveling to United States, this product made it to my to-buy list. I bought it in Hollywood, I think for USD 60. I had to ask the Beauty Assistant at Sephora to find me the perfect match shade for my face and neck. She chose the Golden shade for me and it's the perfect match for me, cheers to that.

Moving on to the review, first of all, I'll be talking about PACKAGING first. It's just a simple bottle with a pump to dispense the product. Well, as I'm writing this, and it's been years since I bought it, the pump had managed to get broken, it won't dispense any product. So, I had to twist open the cap to get the product from the wand inside. It's not that heavy and it's pretty slim for you to bring it in your travel pouch. 

Moving on, next I will be talking about the product itself. Firstly, will be talking about the COLOR/PAYOFF of the product. When I swatched it in the back of my hand, it has yellow tone and warm tone to it and I thought it will be too light for me at first, but then turned out it's the right shade for my face and neck.

Moving on to the TEXTURE AND APPLICATION of the product, it has quite thick consistency and quite creamy I would say. As I read few reviews about this product before I purchased it, I was told that to apply this, it is recommend to use brush only, and not to use sponge. Indeed it's better to use brush to apply this since it sets pretty quickly into powdery finish.

Then time to talk about the PERFORMANCE of the product. It claims to be made for oily skin with its powder finish without over drying on the face. When I tried out this product on my face, it sets into powder finish very quickly, so once apply it, you have to blend it pretty quickly before it sets.

Once it sets into powdery finish, it looks powdery on your face but not ultra dry, it doesn't set into the fine lines or accentuate your dry patches, unless your face is really then it might make your dry face look even drier than before. As time goes by, as your face starts producing oils, it will not as matte as before, it will turn into a natural dewy look. There was one time though that it got oily a lot more than usual, but lately I've been using this again and it doesn't happen to me again.

As for the coverage, I would say this has medium coverage, so you need concealer to conceal blemishes for more coverage. It doesn't have any SPF as well, so you don't have to worry about white cast when you're taking photo with flash. For its long-lasting, I would say it's pretty long-lasting for like 7 hours or so, without touch up it might look oily by then, but you only need one touch up usually to keep your oil at bay.

Overall, I love this foundation. Finally I found a foundation with matte finish but not too matte that it's accentuating all my dry patches or making my face look like really dry. If you have oily face like mine, you might want to add this foundation to your beauty stash. I usually use this when I'm going to an event at night, as it doesn't have any SPF so I don't have to worry about white cast and it makes my face look smooth powdery without over-drying as I have mentioned above. The downside of this product I would say that it sets really quickly and it's expensive.

[ this product was purchased by myself ]