What would I do without highlighter though really. Been loving highlighter ever since I discovered how it enhance the glow on my face without making my face look like a disco ball (when you apply it correctly and depends on the product as well).

I have tried liquid highlighter and powder highlighter, but I have yet to try highlighter in stick formula. Then I came across on the website there's a discount for 3CE products and I'm interested on their shimmer stick, so I thought this will be the right time to try highlighter in stick formula.

There are two shades available for their shimmer stick. One is Peach and the other is Pink. I love the Pink shade but it's not available at that time and I thought my liquid highlighter is similar to the Pink shade, thus I decided to purchase the Peach shade.

With the discount, I purchased it for under $20-$25 as I recall. I couldn't remember the exact price but I got it for a good deal for sure.

Firstly, regarding the COLOR of the product, the Peach shade is more to the gold shimmer mixed with peach color, suits well for warm tone skin or someone who wants to have a warm glow. Yet this shimmer stick is not too yellowy or too gold, it's the perfect shade for those who's looking for gold glow but not too gold.

Then about TEXTURE and PERFORMANCE  of the product. I swatched it twice on my arm. On the left side is just one swipe, as for the right side I swatched it heavily to really show off the color. When I slide it on my skin, it feels buttery and it glides on quite smoothly.

On the first swatch, the color is quite pigmented already I would say. If you feel like for more shimmer and glow, you just apply it few times and you'll have a bright glow without being too overwhelming.

However when you apply it several times on your skin, it might get patchy. It's quite easy to blend this product, thankfully.

The DOWNSIDE of this product is that it melts! No kidding. I store it in my makeup organizer inside my room, far from the window. When you rotate the product to lift it up, the product got lifted then when you apply it to your skin, it kinda get smooshed on, then when you want to rotate the product to bring it down, you'll find some of the product won't go down, instead it got everywhere to the sides of the product.

Overall, I kinda have love-hate relationship with this product. I like the color, especially when I'm feeling like a gold glow on my face. However, I kinda hate how this product melts (just like 3CE lipsticks) and it might get patchy on your skin. I don't really recommend this product though for you guys, unless you can get it for a low price, then you might want to add this to your collection. Hope you enjoy my review and hopefully it's useful for all of you! See you in my next review.

[ This product was purchased by me ]