REVIEW: Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Skinny Eyebrow #01-Ash Black

Eyebrow, oh eyebrow. How important it is for us to groom our eyebrow and take a really good care of it. Not to mention, to draw it well when we're not that blessed in that department. With so many method to perfected your eyebrow such as eyebrow embroidery and such, I still find it the old-fashioned way is still the best, that is to draw your eyebrow manually.

There are various types as well to draw your eyebrow with. There are powder, liquid, pencil, and even mascara. I used to enjoy using eyebrow powder to fill in my eyebrows but nowadays I prefer to use pencil to fill it in.

Even with pencil there are two types, the regular one and the skinny ones like Anastasia Brow Hills but of course it's pretty expensive. Then, I found their dupe and it's cheaper. It's from Holika Holika, a Korean roadshop brand.

I got it from an online shop and if I'm not mistaken it's quite on the pricier side compared to other roadshop brands such as Etude House and The Face Shop. This eyebrow pencil's price is around USD 15-18 back then. I got it on the shade #1 Ash Black.

The packaging is very slim and thin, no fuss and very minimalistic. I love how it's include spooly brush as well to brush your brows. The spool brush itself is not too soft but not too harsh that it might damage your brows. It's dense enough to blend the product and to tame your brows.

The product itself is very thin, living up to its name. Perfect for drawing hair strokes finely on your brows to mimic your real eyebrow hair. So you can draw natural eyebrow with this product. Even though the product is quite thin, it's quite sturdy so it doesn't break easily. 

As for the performance, this product is more on to the hard and dense side like The Face Shop's instead of quite soft like Etude House. I, personally love the hard type so I can draw natural hair strokes on my brow and it won't give me a very fake-looking eyebrow. I love to see hair strokes on my eyebrow instead of like being full-coloured. 

The colour is not pitch black, but it's really ash black. Mainly it's black with a hint of ash grey to balance it out. I usually don't wear this product on its own, rather I mix it with The Face Shop eyebrow pencil in Gray Brown. Since The Face Shop one is not as thin as this one, so I use this as the last step on my eyebrow routine to complete the look and to draw each strokes needed. When it's combined with another brown eyebrow product, it matches my hair perfectly. My hair is black with a hint of brown.

This product is very long-lasting. It stays on my eyebrow the whole day but of course don't rub your eyebrow or it will be wiped away. If you just scratch softly, it'll stay like nothing happened. 

Overall, I really recommend this eyebrow product despite its price. However, lately I found another great skinny eyebrow product which is from Etude House. I believe Etude House just launched it, so Holika Holika Skinny Eyebrow is older than that. Both are great! I still prefer Holika Holika actually, but when I'm on a budget, I would go to Etude House.

Thank you for reading and I hope it's useful for you! Which one you guys prefer for eyebrow product? Is it powder, or mascara, or pencil? Let me know on the comment below! xx

[ this product was purchased by me ]